Northam Death Watch

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The ring is tightening around Northam:


Gov. Ralph Northam, D-Va., met with key staff members for an unscheduled staff meeting on Sunday before the Super Bowl and is apparently considering his next move after a photo emerged showing a man in blackface and another in Ku Klux Klan garb in his 1984 medical school yearbook page, a report said.

Northam resisted calls to resign a day earlier– insisting that he did not appear in the yearbook photo, which contradicted his earlier remarks when he apologized for the picture. The Washington Post, citing unnamed sources, reported that resignation is an active consideration, and called the meeting emotional. The paper reported that there is another meeting set for Monday.

Northam reportedly spent much of the day inside his home meeting with close advisers who—to at least some degree—have differing opinions on how to proceed. Some want the governor to fight through and work to rebuild his image. Pam Northam, the state’s first lady, wants her husband to continue to fight, the paper reported, citing two sources.


Go here to read the rest.  I suspect he would have been out the door already but for his wife.  He got into politics at age 48, and I wonder if it was his idea or hers.  His two passions as a State Senator seemed to be being pro-abortion and banning smoking in restaurants.  His wife is a former teacher and self-described environmental activist.  While her husband was Lieutenant Governor, she became good friends with the wife of Governor Terry McAuliffe, bag man for the Clinton.  Mrs. Notham, and her hubby, are now learning an old truism:  there are no friends in politics.


Update I:  Virginia is for Crazies:


The Lieutenant Governor of Virginia is now denying a sex assault allegation from 2004 at the Democrat Covention:


Go here to read about it.


Update II:  Oof!


The niece of the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., told Fox News on Friday that instead of resigning over a racist 1984 yearbook photo, Gov. Ralph Northam should “rescind all of the legislation that he has approved that supports the crime against humanity which is abortion.” 
The commentary from Alveda King, who serves as a Fox News contributor, comes as Democratic party leaders have called on Northam to resign, a prospect he has rejected despite overwhelming pressure to do so. 


Go here to read the rest.

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  1. I guess my problem with this is that if we join in going after him, then we’re putting a stamp of approval on the new ‘dig up anything in a person’s life from any point in history’ approach. Going after Kavanaugh’s yearbook is now justified, and conservatives have put their stamp of approval on it. As I’ve tried to explain to others, remember this was the 80s. Things were different then. Nobody doubted the KKK was bad or, by then, black face inappropriate. But it wasn’t wrapped in ‘America as Nazi nation, nothing but genocide, racism and imperialism’ either. Plus, you had plenty of irreverence and middle finger and laugh at evil then (remember, Blazing Saddles was as recent in 85 as The Dark Knight is today). To go after him the way they’re doing (and deflecting from the larger issue of his abortion stance, and from the abortion issue in general), is to say we approve of all these things. Not just that it was wrong, but that the modern, progressive approach to how we understand our nation’s past is quite right. And, more to the point, that we can now go back and find anything based on today’s standards from any time in the past and used it against someone. Even if, in the last 35 years, those standards have changed and developed.

  2. “Going after Kavanaugh’s yearbook is now justified, and conservatives have put their stamp of approval on it.”

    The Left and the media will engage in such activity Dave no matter what conservatives do. Also, there is a huge difference between a high schooler and someone who is 25 and a third year med student. Finally, Northram could have dealt with the issue forthrightly instead of being quickly caught up in a web of contradictions. Of course the key difference in regard to Kavanaugh is that none of the allegations were proven, while Northram intially admitted being in the picture, which indicates to me that when he was 25 he had gone around in black face and/or Klan regalia. By his own admission he used shoe polish on his face when he entered a dance contest as an imitation moon walking Michael Jackson. My Lord this does sound like a bizarre SNL skit. Of course it is not conservatives forcing Northram out, but the party he hitched his political fortunes to. As my sainted paternal grandmother was wont to say, “Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas”.

  3. If the godless baby-murdering, sodomy-sanctifying Demoncraps know that for every bit of slander they sling against Republicans, they will have all the dirt on their racist, genital-titillating past revealed to the light of day, then they’ll freaking stop this nonsense. They only respect strength – just like the Soviet communists and the pagan Musloids. And we need to emphasize what kind of bloody-murderous, sexually perverted scum they are. Take no prisoners. The time for nice-nice dialogue is finished.

  4. Again, I find myself agreeing with both Dave and Don in this.

    Thing is, if we do nothing, I see no sign the Left with stop. Eventually you do need to hit the bully back because sometimes it happening to them is the only way people understand things.

    But on the flip side, I don’t see any way for this to really stop. If we had rules of engagements and ways of establishing a “treaty” to avoid engaging in this thing (which is what I was on about here).

    On the final hand, we may not have to do anything. Just letting this consume the party from the inside may be sufficient. Maybe that’s the third way. I’ve said for awhile that the democrats are going to have a problem because a lot of their ranks are filled with true believers – and that is going to get very dangerous for them.

  5. One has to wonder if the dems might ultimately be behind this (even though it was apparently reported initially by a “conservative” source)- to provide an out for northrop in relation to the abortion bill. It seems too much a coincidence that this surfaces now, and as though someone may have had this info. all along. This allows for another reason to get him out unrelated to the abortion issue, and to thus help the dems save face.

  6. Thing is, if we do nothing, I see no sign the Left with stop. Eventually you do need to hit the bully back because sometimes it happening to them is the only way people understand things.

    That’s the only reason I can think of to make an issue of this. (And, btw, I think there’s reason to believe that neither the youth in blackface or the youth in the KKK robe is the governor). The idea that someone should be run out of office because he attended a costume party in 1984 strikes me as demented. But, of course, they do it to the opposition every time.

  7. “This allows for another reason to get him out unrelated to the abortion issue, and to thus help the dems save face.”

    I have absolutely no reason to think that the Lieutenant Governor would not be just as much of a pro-abort as the Governor. If Democrats are behind this, which I doubt, it has zip to do with abortion.

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