Northam is Color Blind When It Comes to Infanticide


News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


RICHMOND, VA—Embattled Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is fighting calls for his resignation over his past wearing of blackface. He assures the public that he is not a racist and that his policy of infanticide is to be applied equally to babies of all colors.

“When I look at babies, I don’t see skin color,” Northam told the press. “I just see obstacles to women’s rights, to be executed after a consultation with a doctor.”

Northam said he is just the target of a vicious “noticing campaign”, where people notice things he did and then mention the things that were noticed. “I was just a happy-go-lucky infanticide governor, and you could hardly drag the press to pay attention to me,” Northam stated. “Now all of sudden I’m getting scrutinized like a common Republican.”


Go here to read the rest.  Let us hope that Governor Infanticide is kept uncomfortable as he views his political career going up in flames.

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  1. I remember sharing an upstairs bedroom with my two brothers as soon as I was old enough to sleep in a bed. Every night we would go to bed and we were told to go to sleep. That is all we had to do, go to sleep, but noooooooooo. We three messed around, throwing stuff at each other in the dark, laughing, joking and then our father would go to the bottom of the stairs and warn us to keep quiet and go to sleep other wise he would come up and punish us. He would come to the bottom of the stairs 3 – 4 times sometimes before we would go to sleep. He was very patient with us. But sometimes the boom would fall and he would finally come up the stairs.

    This is how I see things playing out right now. We are pushing the envelope time and again with Our Father. He has warned us more times than not to change our ways. Each and every time we cross a line he tells us, “Don’t make me come down there!”. I feel like I’m a young boy again, and my brothers are making my father angrier and angrier and I just wonder how long before he comes up the stairs…

  2. Abortion is murder, so is infanticide. But is allowing a newborn with “incompatible with life issues” to die murder? And who decides?
    Some years back on the radio, they were discussing this issue on a Catholic radio talk show. The woman who was giving the interview was promoting “neo-natal hospice” (something like that). She and her husband had one of those infants that are born with only half a heart. As I recall, they knew this ahead of time and did not abort. I guess they were offered some sort of procedure to try to extend the life of the infant, but in the end, decided that the procedure really did not solve the problem, the baby was still left with “half a heart.”
    I do know of an infant that did survive for quite a number of years with only half a heart. The baby apparently had another defect that kind of counter acted the “only half a heart” and blood was able to circulate. I think there was some thought that as the infant grew in size, the circulatory mechanism would be overwhelmed and she would eventually die. She would be in her teens by now if she were still alive. (I do not know if the family eventually attempted to find a donor heart or artificial heart.)

  3. “Abortion at any stage is a positive good. Reproductive freedom leads to economic freedom”. Quote attributed to Gov. Northam.
    Lots of economic freedom in NY where there are more black babies aborted than black babies being born.

  4. “For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?”

    Foolish people don’t value their soul.
    This exchange for fame, money, status, honors, acceptance and freedom from responsibility is a short lived gain with long term losses. Fools. A ship of fools…hence the democratic party.

  5. The soul of man not acknowledged by the state is atheism imposed by government on the people.
    Destroying the sovereign person who institutes the state from conception destroys the state. E Puribus Unum. “We, the people” have sovereign personhood endowed by “their Creator”.

  6. As I recall, the governor said, once the baby is “comfortable”, the mother is asked whether the baby should be “resuscitated” and allowed to live. Just by whom and how is the baby made “comfortable”? It sounds like a killing process is initiated by the doctor and which can only be reversed by the mother. How easy it becomes to go to Hell when someone greases the skids.

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