State of the Union: 2019

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President Trump will be giving his second State of the Union Address tonight, and it should make for good television, especially due to some of the crazies elected to the House in the Democrat wave last year.  Trump will be using this speech as the beginning of his re-election campaign  I expect lots of talk on the economy with Trump taking mostly deserved credit for how good it is.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes a swipe at Governor Northam, with Democrats not knowing how to respond.  There are rumors that Trump will speak about abortion and condemn Democrat attempts to legalize abortion until the umbilical cord is cut, and infanticide thereafter.  Trump may decide to bait the Democrats of the House and this may be one of his techniques.  On the other hand I have heard that Trump will be giving a unity speech.  (If he is, perhaps he will talk about Unicorns, only slightly more mythical than the idea that the country is unified on much of anything.  We shall see.

Use the comboxes to comment on the speech as it is delivered.  I anticipate a wild ride!

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  1. God Bless Mr. President.
    He is making America Great…again.
    Pelosi playing with her flash cards is just plain beautiful. I loathe her. Mayor Cuomo and Speaker Pelosi….a cut below the rest.

  2. Wonderful! Exhort! Encourage! Praise and remember! I sense a shift in the atmosphere coming… Praise God! Pray for all the misled friends and neighbors to have ears to hear.

  3. What a great speech…he touched on everything…investigation that divides country, abortion, war, the future we must prepare for. He was upbeat, and stressed unity and bipartisanship and showed areas where that can occur. Wonderful speech, wonderful guests, let’s hope God is in control and will direct us in a positive way now!

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