Virginia Is For Crazies

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And the might of the Gentile, unsmote by the sword,
Hath melted like snow in the glance of the Lord!
Lord Byron


The line of succession in Virginia is Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.

Democrat Governor Ralph Northam’s problems are well known.


The Lieutenant Governor, Democrat Justin Fairfax, is facing allegations of sexual assault from Doctor Vanessa Tyson.  The assault allegedly occurred at the Democrat National Convention in 2004.


The Attorney General, Democrat Mark Herring, today announced that in 1980 at age 19 he appeared in black face at a party, imitating a black rapper.  Herring had previously called for the resignation of Governor Northam.


The fourth in line of succession is Republican Speaker of the House Kirk Cox.  Thus far he has not been accused of sexual assault or appearing in black face.  Hey Virginia, as a life long resident of Illinois, I appreciate your taking the spotlight off of us.

Recall this all began with Governor Northam shooting his mouth off in support of infanticide.  God has an exquisite sense of humor.

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  1. Remember, the whole ‘blackface was everywhere’ has erupted since Covington, when reports of the students in blackface backfired. This is, of course, piggybacking on the whole ‘Racism as the sin even Jesus can’t forgive’ doctrine, coupled with ‘you can always tell a racist by the color of his skin.’ The sidetrack evidence of this being Liam Neeson’s little discovery about life in a post-Christian (and post-forgiveness based on ethnicity) world, and of course the great Mary Poppins as racist in sooty blackface story (as the racist miners with blackface from soot in the Arizona restaurant picture also attest to). In short, this is madness, and I would prefer us not jump on the bandwagon, no matter how tempting the schadenfreude happens to be.

  2. We will have to agree to disagree Dave. When someone loudly proclaims the standard they are judging others, I see nothing unjust in applying the same standard to them, particularly when it is their own party calling for their political heads.

    What I find fascinating about these latest developments is how little investigation from the media these big time Democrats in Virginia have previously received. If they were Republicans, I assume that the press would long ago have learned about these timebombs. It also demonstrates how weak Republicans are in regard to the black art of opposition research.

  3. Matthew 7:2 “For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.”

  4. “We will have to agree to disagree Dave”

    Don’t worry, I seem to be the minority voice on this. 🙂

    Both sides have disagreed with me. I just fear that, even if he steps down, it will be a case of winning a skirmish, losing a war.

  5. Boy…all I can say is I’m glad its God who forgives and judges me and not the media.
    Psalm 103:
    11:For as high as the heavens are above the earth,
    so great is His loving devotion for those who fear Him.
    12:As far as the east is from the west,
    so far has He removed our transgressions from us.

  6. It’s left-wing autophagy. Good.

    Resolve to stop kowtowing to the crazies.

    The response to the du jour dishonest media tirade should be, “So?”

    Craziness is the least of it. We have given the crazies too much power.

    Politics (see Orwell) that politics are essentially coercion and deceit, it all makes sense.

  7. Look. It’s cold here. And I’m bored. The beef burgundy is in the crockpot, the kids are finally playing upstairs (where it’s warmer) instead of driving each other (and me) crazy. And I want to be entertained.

    So, with that said: If the Virginia GOP decides to sacrifice Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment on the altar of identity politics, does that decrease or increase the pressure on Democrats Northam, Fairfax and Herring?

    Dave Griffey, what do you think?

    He asked trollishly

  8. I’m not Dave Griffey but I am very tired of everyone reaching way back when and crucify people for ‘sins’ committed. Let me ask this question: What if God kept bringing up our past sins if we repented of them and confessed them? Have they repented of them? It seems so. Did they confessed these things to God? Only God knows and it’s not our business. Yes, the Democrats have to reap what they sowed as far as racism is concerned but I for one, if I am sorry and have repented of my past sins, do NOT want my past sins brought up again for the world to see. Yes, naive? Nope, just wanting to forgive and forget as God does…he is our model right?

  9. That was the best the Democrats could do…?

    I know!

    Now, wouldn’t it be funny if in ’68 Norment was a registered Democrat? That’s what I’d try to argue were I advising him.

  10. OrdinaryCatholic,

    I imagine this is an all-or-nothing deal. So, do Northam et. al. get a pass, or does Norment go down with them?

    And I fully recognize that our of all of them, Norment is the one with the best case for not knowing no better because, yuteful ignorance.

  11. I just fear that, even if he steps down, it will be a case of winning a skirmish, losing a war.

    Aye. The controversies surrounding all three men are an indicator that public discussion is suffused with humbug in every venue.

  12. Pro-life Virginians protest governor’s abortion comments 2-7-19…
    Hundreds of pro-life supporters gather in Richmond, Va., to protest Gov. Ralph Northam’s comments supporting late-term abortion. Correspondent Jason Calvi is on the ground and tells us more.
    This should have been the top story today. Virginians are rallying and will continue to rally against abortion bills.

  13. We have become minority-sensitive to a dangerous fault in our culture. The ones harmed the most by it are the ones it is said to help.

  14. Years ago, there was a rather lame comedy movie titled “King Ralph” in which John Goodman played a washed up Vegas lounge singer who ended up becoming King of England after the entire royal family was wiped out in a freak accident and he turned out to be the only one left in the line of succession. Some daring aspiring comedy writer ought to take the same premise, apply it to the Virginia situation and run with it…. have the janitor at the state capitol, or some equally obscure figure, end up becoming governor after everyone in the line of succession is forced to resign due to a series of increasingly ridiculous scandals. It could be comedy gold if done right….

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