Of Green New Deals and Unicorns

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The Green New Deal has been unrolled by the Democrats and it is just as crazy as one might imagine.  A FAQ that accompanied it, since vanishing as it was widely ridiculed, has this stunning proposal:  Economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work.  Yep, layabouts will be put on the government dole.  Fortunately the internet is forever.  Go here to read the FAQ.  I confess to some sympathy for economic protection for those unwilling to work.  Toiling in the law mines, sometimes up to 15 hours a day, can be a true downer.  How much more pleasant if I could follow my bliss and simply blog to my heart’s content.  I wouldn’t be greedy either.  200k a year from Uncle Sucker is all I would need.

I can hear the skeptical guffaws out there.  How would all this be paid for?  With unicorn snorts and pixie dust of course.  Hey, the FAQ has that minor problem covered:

How will you pay for it?

The same way we paid for the New Deal, the 2008 bank bailout and extended quantitative easing programs. The same way we paid for World War II and all our current wars. The Federal Reserve can extend credit to power these projects and investments and new public banks can be created to extend credit. There is also space for the government to take an equity stake in projects to get a return on investment. At the end of the day, this is an investment in our economy that should grow our wealth as a nation, so the question isn’t how will we pay for it, but what will we do with our new shared prosperity.

So there, O ye of little faith.



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  1. I made the mistake of reading the FAQ. She’s actually insane. The only good news here is that Leftists used to have to lie to gain power. Now, thanks to the dominant liberal media, they don’t hide the crazy anymore. What a wonderful development. To anyone paying any attention to her proposal, this should be a career killer.

  2. Sign me up!
    Government medical services.
    Government education.
    Government transportation.
    Government housing.
    Government phones.
    Government cheese.
    Government bliss.
    Entitlement class will never be as happy and gay as they will be once this lollipop government comes into existence…burp.

    Venezuela will look great by then.

  3. Just listening to Hugh Hewitt reading it.

    I…I was not sure he wasn’t joking, since he kept saying “farting cows.”

    Who on earth actually writes a serious policy proposal that keeps harping on farting cows?

  4. Don’t pick on the cows. Cow farts is how we heat our homes in the winter in the upper midwest.

    Those cows are heroic. I’ll never understand how they can bury their farts so deep in the ground.

    That, and why cow flatulence smells like rotten eggs.

  5. Father of Seven is right. Prior to Obama liberals could not run for office if they told people the truth about their agenda. How many of the liberals would have been elected if they told the Americans I will raise your taxes, kill the unborn up to and after birth and you will pay for it, will keep the borders of the USA open for anyone etc. So what changed? Why are they not hiding anymore? Obama.

    When Obama was elected the liberals/democrats thought they now had it made in the shade. They believed their time had come and they could do to America what they needed to do to transform it. They just crawled out of the woodwork. Most importantly, the liberal democrat believed with their whole heart that they would never lose power and again and so began the parade of liberal agenda. They no longer had to hide it for they would never lose power again and they doubled down on it.

    Enter Trump. Hillary was the shoe-in that would continue an Obama agenda with no end in sight. They were all prepared for another eight years of liberal agendas when the impossible happened. She lost. The rage, anger and hatred we know quite well today followed their loss of the presidency. However, at this point the cat was out of the bag. They had shown their true character and color during the Obama years and there was no going back. Hence what we see today is the nonsensical, evil, total turn to socialism in all its glory. That is why the President had to declare before the American people in the SOTU address that socialism will never find a place this nation founded on freedom and independence and not on the slavery of its citizenry.

    Watch carefully. We will see more Green Deal type of ideas coming from the left. As far as they are concerned, Trump did not win the election. It is only a matter of time before they get back the presidency that Trump stole. They think Mueller will save them. God save us.

  6. Actually they don’t think Mueller will save them. Which is why the renewed interest in his taxes.

  7. AOC, an egotistical idiot. She would fade into obscurity if not for the leftist media. If she looked like Crazy Maisie Hirono no one would pay attention.

  8. I worked on the first off shore wind farm in the US.
    Potentially a total of 30 MW if and only if and when the wind is really blowing… , five 6 MW turbines off Block Island.
    There is potential for more, however to put this into perspective the peak ISO New England summer load was around 28,000 MW and the peak winter load was around 22,000 MW.
    Add to that you need spinning reserve when there’s no wind or solar;
    the Holy Grail of a means of massive “Electrical Energy Storage” has not been discovered or invented yet.
    You want unlimited, spinning reserve, without fossil fuels or environmental impacts – build offshore nukes.

    A general guiding principle of engineering “there’s no free lunch”.
    – but then that’s the fundamental failure of socialism, isn’t it?

  9. We might as well start nuking up now, since we’ll have to go nuclear anyways when the mile-thick ice sheets force us all to live underground.

  10. That AOC, Gore ,et al haven’t been laughed off the national “stage” is only one result of the left’s iron-fisted control over public schools and private/public universities, which turn out incomplete morons who can’t think or understand anything.

    Ernst is correct.

    Climate change may exist, but it has no relation to cows or humanity’s additional CO2. It’s interglacial and solar output.

    Anyhow, like everything else the left pushed, CC is complete BS. And, it’s worse: Their plans constitute massive, regressive taxes which will devastate the economy and hit hardest middle, low-to-moderate income and working poor families.

    Then, when the fit hits the shan as it ever does, they and the lying media [redundant] pretending to be journalists will excoriate conservatives and the free market.

  11. The problem is that Alexandria Occasional Cortex has pauses in her neuro-pulses which gives her a complaint known as Cerebrus Interuptus.

  12. The reader must understand that otherwise intelligent and knowledgeable people actually support this Eva Peron. Example: there is a Democrat ideologue (his anonymity here will be maintained) who ironically is pro-nuclear energy and runs a blog on insights into atomic power. He thinks it’s great that a minority Latin American woman is in the public spotlight pushing environmental consciousness. He views this as a victory for feminism and progressivism (which I suppose it is), and he’s trying to get her to support his nuclear power ambitions. Yet she remains adamantly anti-nuclear and he (who is otherwise super-smart with regard to all things nuclear) is too stupid to understand that she (like Senator Bernie Sanders) will NEVER support nuclear energy. I have to wonder at the motivations of a 50+ year old liberal Democrat white man who chases after the approval of such young, pretty feminist girls. There’s something really weird about that.

  13. Look on the bright side. Trump is so inside these peoples heads that his would-be challengers are tripping over themselves to endorse this watermelon plan.

    And all because he said we’d never be a socialist nation!

  14. She’s one of those gifted with verbal dexterity types that Sowell is always talking about, particularly in Intellectuals.

    She sounds like she knows what she’s talking about,

    as long as you don’t know what she’s talking about.

  15. Ernst wrote, “She’s one of those gifted with verbal dexterity types that Sowell is always talking about, particularly in Intellectuals. She sounds like she knows what she’s talking about, as long as you don’t know what she’s talking about.”

    I work with people whose intellects and intelligence far outweigh my own. And that being the case, they know (or should know) about what AOC is talking. Yet many of them believe in what she says (of course, so long as the Green New Deal includes money for their favorite form of energy – nuclear).

    Now I am rabidly pro-nuclear energy, but with a caveat – no government funding of any energy source and equal government regulations for all energy sources. Purveyors of energy must finance themselves and must be prohibited from dumping their refuse – whether combustion refuse or radioactive refuse or whatever – will-nilly into the environment whose air we all breath and whose water we all drink. In that way the regulatory playing field is leveled, and coal, oil, gas, nuclear, wind, solar, tidal, hydro and geothermal compete on a flat plain – let the most cost-effective and safest and environmentally benign form of energy win.

    Yet when several of us made private inquires into why senior management is so enamored with the young inexperienced millennial females purveying this green energy nonsense, we were told that management likes being excited by their youthful enthusiasm. Invariably such management is composed of older white business men with zero engineering experience. These men apparently get depressed when we older engineers and technicians with decades of experience from the 1970s and onward quote regulation and are honest about the engineering obstacles that have to be overcome for our passively safe design. They only want to hear the young girls chant, “We are going to save the world from climate change!” As I said before, there is really something very weird about that.

    I have been told by other people working in other industries that management there has become much the same, fully accepting of this socialist idiocy which will surely and inevitably doom their companies. But perhaps they think that they will escape doom under some sort of corporate socialism where so-called green energy and LGBTQ and pro-abortion companies receive government funding while the rest are deprived.

    Nevertheless, I really can’t make sense of this – why a flaming idiot like AOC has so much fame and notoriety and positive recognition. She’s not going away. She will be promoted by the news media and corporate America into more and more power because dirty old men like being excited by young pretty girls no matter how stupidly ignorant they are..

  16. Pacem all: AOC exhibits astonishing ignorance of economics, history and reality. To be fair it applies to the entire left.

  17. Ignorant though they may be T. Shaw, they have been to advance their agenda in the economic sphere to an astonishing degree.

  18. Which says more about the sheeple that fall for that ignorance and elect them. As I said before I am more afraid of those who elected AOC than AOC herself. She will self-destruct, but her followers are still around to elect another AOC.

  19. The new Green New Deal same as the old New Deal, which extended by seven or eight years (UCLA economists’ research) the economic malaise of Great Depression; and was not intended to restore economic prosperity, but to remove and replace ruling elites (Walter Lippman). Same same for Barack Hussein Obama’s eight horrid years.

  20. And there’s no money for nuclear in the Great Green Leap Forward.

    Unicorns are almost as afraid of Nuke-yuler Ray-dee-ayshun as they are of Haggard’s Red Bull!

  21. Unicorns are almost as afraid of Nuke-yuler Ray-dee-ayshun as they are of Haggard’s Red Bull!

    That combines with my knowledge of Navy nuke techs’ habits (blood type: red bull) for a really funny mental image.

  22. Ernst is correct. – love it! “Unicorns are almost as afraid of Nuke-yuler Ray-dee-ayshun as they are of Haggard’s Red Bull!”

    Foxfier, I was a reactor operator (RO) on a submarine long before Red Bull was marketed. Nevertheless, given the diesel fuel we drank as coffee, you probably are correct regarding the blood type of today’s RO’s.

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