Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Desiderius

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WHEN Queen Brunehaut governed the courts of her two sons, Theodebert, king of Austrasia, and Theodoric of Burgundy, this zealous pastor boldly reproved her for her incests and cruelties; but a sermon which he preached before her and Theodoric on chastity, chiefly in the words of St. Paul, procured him the crown of martyrdom; for, in his return home, he was by their order and contrivance murdered by three assassins in a village now called St. Didier de Chalaraine, near the brook of that name in the principality of Dombes, in 612.

Butler’s Lives of the Saints

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  1. Or was it Fredegund?

    Hard to keep the Merovingians straight.

    Straight-up Game of Thrones is what it is.

  2. D—m. I should pitch a popular history of the Merovingians with that.

    All the intrigue, murder and incest of GoT, except the only dragon is the sea-monster that begot Merovech.

  3. Any chance Cardinal Dolan will preach a sermon on adultery, abortion and infanticide! with Gov. Cuomo present…..

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