Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Eulalia

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THIS holy virgin was brought up in the faith, and in the practice of piety, at Barcelona in Spain. In the persecution of Dioclesian under the cruel governor Dacian, she suffered the rack, and being at last crucified on it, joined the crown of martyrdom with that of virginity. Her relics are preserved at Barcelona, by which city she is honoured as its special patroness. She is titular saint of many churches, and her name is given to several villages of Guienne and Languedoc, and other neighbouring provinces, where, in some places, she is called St. Eulalie, in others St. Olaire, St. Olacie, St. Occille, St. Olaille, and St. Aulazie. Sainte-Aulaire and Sainte-Aulaye are names of two ancient French families taken from this saint. Her acts deserve no notice.

Butler’s Lives of the Saints

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  1. Donald: Thank you for these reminders of our heroes in the faith. I am edified by their examples – and admire your diligence.

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