PopeWatch: Pope of the Elites

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The Pope continues his chosen role as chaplain and champion of global elites:


Microsoft President Brad Smith met Pope Francis on Wednesday to discuss the ethical use of artificial intelligence and ways to bridge the digital divide between rich and poor nations, the Vatican said.

The head of the global tech giant and the 81-year-old Roman Catholic leader, who once said he is a “disaster” when it comes to technology, spoke for about 30 minutes in the pontiff’s residence.

The pair discussed “artificial intelligence at the service of the common good and activities aimed at bridging the digital divide that still persists at the global level,” according to a statement.

Smith, 60, told the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano in an interview that “strong ethical and new, evolved laws” were needed so that technological advances such as artificial intelligence do not fall into the wrong hands.

Go here to read the rest.  For all his talk of the poor, on issue after issue Pope Francis merely regurgitates what passes for wisdom among global elites.  Imagine if he had asked the Microsoft president to have his company stop being a monopolistic global bully that uses bankruptcy through litigation as a weapon of competition.  Ah, but Pope Francis has no desire to confront the true powers that be in this world, not so long as one self-absorbed promethean neo-Pelagianian orthodox Catholic breathes, the true villains in the world view of our Pope.

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  1. It’s everywhere. Certainly in the bureaucracy of my diocese.
    “Self-absorbed promethean neo-Pelagianian orthodox Catholics” are bad, especially those who believe in Humanae Vitae.
    Catholics who have double incomes, tens of thousands of dollars of disposable income and 1 or 2 children are good. I speak of private elite high school in the catholic tradition…
    Don’t forget the virtue signalling of illegal immigrants and a few poor.
    Middle class and more than 2 children, you’re not really welcomed.

  2. None of this would bother me in the least if he simply didn’t pretend to be Catholic. Just have the guts of Martin Luther, break away and name the thing after yourself.

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