Saint of the Day Quote: Saints Cyril and Methodius

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However tired and physically worn out I am, I will go with joy to that land;  with joy I depart for the sake of the Christian faith.

Saint Cyril

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  1. This saintly comment strikes home as I, too, am tired and worn out. I come to TAC for a spiritual lift and to be reminded to look beyond the chaos before me (in my personal life and in my country and in the world). Grasping for the true reality helps steady me and keep me going through the illness and stress issues before me. Thank God for his examples, the saints, and for Donald and the TAC family who provide much needed and welcome refreshment and encouragement and hope in this vale of tears.

  2. Donald: Thanks for the video(s). The creative ability of humans to reach out across time and still touch a soul through their thoughts via “mere” words is an astounding gift to both give and receive. My soul rests a little quieter…God bless you (and the authors and actors)

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