PopeWatch: Kasper the Friendly Cardinal

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From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


Just days after Cardinal Müller published a “Manifesto of Faith,” which reiterated fundamental Catholic teachings in response to what he sees as growing confusion about the doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Kasper has accused him of making “unacceptable blanket statements.”

Kasper said that Müller’s Manifesto, that simply reaffirmed basic Catholic teaching found in the Bible and Catechism of the Catholic Church, was an attack on Pope Francis.

“Müller is imitating Martin Luther in his call for reform and for encouraging division,” Kaspar said. “The Bible and Catechism are very complex, and attempting to make either of them in any way intelligible is out of the question. If the Pope says something that seems to be radical or even absurd, we should accept it as gospel truth. Was not the teachings of Christ radical and sometimes absurd? Jesus did not always clarify the meaning of his teachings, but rather, asked those around him to search their own consciences to help them interpret his words.”

Kasper went on to add that any type of clarity that threatened an individual’s personal convictions were to be, at all costs, avoided.

“The Bible is not a testimony of binding theological convictions. It is more like Mad Libs for the soul.”

Go here to comment.  PopeWatch has been unable to confirm the rumor that Cardinals Muller and Kasper will stage a debate in which Cardinal Kasper will represent Pope Francis and Cardinal Muller will represent the Catholic wing of the Catholic Church.

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  1. ” If the Pope says something that seems to be radical or even absurd, we should accept it as gospel truth.”

    Wow, am I behind the times…I didn’t know papal infallibility was broadened so much! I have to keep up with my faith…

  2. How can Muller be accused of imitating Martin Luther when it was Kasper’s pro-Bergoglio wing that put a statue of Luther in the Vatican and praised Luther “as a religious hero who found the way to a more true form of Catholicism?”


    Liberals have got to be removed from both Church and national governance. They are insane. Completely insane.

  3. “Asked whether Francis is a heretic, Müller replied, “No. This Pope is orthodox.” “Cardinal Müller: Francis Is “No Heretic” – He Is “Orthodox”
    The Pope is “Orthodox” when speaking as the Vicar of Christ, in unison with the bishops of the Church and exercising infallibility. Otherwise Bergoglio has both feet in his mouth, both feet of the Fisherman.

  4. Christian Teacher,

    Bishop Schneider is the auxiliary bishop for Kazakhstan. For all practical purposes, he’s already in Siberia!

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