Living the Anti-American Dream

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My favorite internet atheist, Pat Condell, warns about tech giants and their emerging role as enforcers of Leftist orthodoxy in a future progressive police state. The signs of this are everywhere.  The tech giants “de-platforming” conservatives, and encouraging a social media mob mentality on the Left.  The use of social media to attack the livelihood of anyone who dares get out of the politically correct line by an iota.  The Covington students debacle, where there was a strong social media attempt to ensure that no college would accept them, followed up by death threats to them and unending harassment of them and their families , shows the frightening power unleashed by a combination of social media, Leftist indoctrination masquerading as education and a building totalitarian impulse on the Left.  The lesson is clear:  we can crush you no matter how obscure or innocent you are if you stray within our cross hairs.   Don’t think for a moment that the Tech giants do not understand precisely what is going on, and are encouraging all this to ensure their eagerly sought after role as members of a new permanent ruling elite.



That all this is deeply un-American and contrary to American ideals dating back to the founding of the country, is perhaps a reason why History is mostly taught to our young, when it is taught at all, as black arm band history, where the grievances and agendas of  contemporary social justice warriors are imposed  on the past, and the past is endlessly demonized for not being the present.  Nothing is learned in this futile exercise, other than the reinforcement of current Leftist prejudices, which is the whole point.  Orwell imagined a two minute hate.  Social media ensures loyal cadres for the Left exposed to unending 24 hour hates.


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  1. Nothing is close to the power of God and His chosen children will rejoice with unbridled Joy at the victory celebration that is promised. Tech Giants?
    Another small bump on the road to true security, true peace and complete reliance in a technology that surpasses human understanding….the Sacred Heart.

    He has overcome the World!
    I’ll put my trust in Him.

  2. Orwell’s 1984 was a warning not a how-to manual.

    For once the Chicoms didn’t steal from America. In China, the most used app is the one that 24/7 covers (cult of personality) supreme leader for life, Xi Jinping. And, every “hit” and “non-hit” is on record. Ergo, every one that wants to keep in the leader’s good graces needs to have as many hits as humanly possible.

    What are you prepared to do?

    God helps those that help themselves.

    Praise the Lord and buy ammunition.

  3. I’d like an explanation of why Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Patreon &c abandoned the common-carrier model given the human resources that they have to invest in policing content and why credit card companies started getting into the act. I cannot help but think Obama-era federal regulators have been orchestrating this.

    A trope from my youth was ‘it’s a free country’. When was the last time you heard that in ordinary conversation or in the media? We live in a world where a large slice of the professional-managerial bourgeoisie fancies they’re the teachers and the school administration and the rest of us are the pupils.

    You get partisan Democrats going and what hits you is how little interest they have in actual personal accomplishment and how much they have in simulacra of it and also in the presence or absence of various and sundry status markers. The same mentality applies in creatures like David Brooks. High school never ends for these people.

  4. “A trope from my youth was ‘it’s a free country’.”
    As it was in my youth. Now I say “It’s still a free country I think.” Gets a few pensive chuckles from the ones that have their eyes open as to what is happening in this country.

    “God helps those that help themselves.”
    I don’t want to be a stick in the mud but I’ve heard saying this so many times in my 66 years and I don’t really like it because, 1.Christ came to us while we were STILL steeped in sin and 2. Without Him we could not have gotten ourselves out of this dilemma no matter how much we tried to help ourselves.

    Christ I believe helps those who especially cannot help themselves through weakness and desire his grace.

    Pray for this country and its leaders.

  5. I have a serious question to ask. It is said often and especially from Christian environmentalists and clergy that scripture calls us to be “stewards of the Earth”. Could someone here direct me to the biblical passages that actually say this directly or indirectly? I’ve always been taught that:
    Genesis 1.26
    “26. And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

    I apologize for being off topic but am I the only one to disagree with their statements? I don’t believe we should deliberately should pollute the earth but…

  6. To Ordinary Catholic:

    The priest of my parish gave a talk about the environment and sanity last Wednesday night (02/13/2019). Please go here for my notes (and commentary) on that talk:

    He explains quite eloquently this whole “stewardship” thing better than I can, but he starts his talk with the theological virtue of hope because our hope is in heaven, not the things of this Earth. One interesting point I noted – he has been doing a series of talks on Wednesday night – immigration, the economy, LGBT, etc. The talks started with 300 attendees. Now there’s left than 50. Most Catholics really aren’t interested in what the Bible and the Catechism actually teach. And that’s a fact. You, Ordinary Catholic, are anything but ordinary.

  7. Catholic Answers might help.
    Here is my take: God has a copyright and a patent on all creation, especially man. God owns us. God could not endow free will and intellect and sovereign personhood to someone whom He did not own. God owns all creation, especially man. Jesus Christ redeemed all creation especially man and retuned us to His Father in heaven redeemed.
    Possession is 9/10th of the LAW. Man uses only 1/9th of his brain. The other 8/9ths are in God’s possession. Therefore, we pray for Divine Providence, wisdom and grace. We the people will meet our 8/9ths in heaven.
    The Old Testament is replete with rules and obligations to steward God’s creation. The land belonged to God. Every seventh year the land was to lay fallow. Man was to eat the after growth and the animals were to have run of the fields and vineyards. At the end of the seventh year the proprietor was allowed to redeem his farm, if no one else laid claim to it. (This is violated by Obama’s executive order 13575 Rural Councils. Obama’s 30 or more czars were to come uninvited unto your farm and if they did not like the way you were running your farm the government, Obama, would confiscate it. Farms across the nation were confiscated for public purposes which was unconstitutional. Only public use with just compensation in constitutional …the Fifth Amendment. The government kept the money as the farmlands were sold for housing development. SEE: Otken farm; Cornell Dairy Farm both confiscated. And forty acres of Michael Smith’s farm in Jamesburg New Jersey. Bill Clinton as president wrote an executive order making all free lands and waterways his, as president. Whitewater all over again. All free lands and waterways belong in joint and common tenancy to each and every person. The government administers the land Bureau of Land Management for our tax dollars. Our tax dollars belong to the taxpayers even as it is administered by the administration. We, thep people build the roads and all else. The government owns nothing…SEE: INDWELLERS . the government tried to get the people living in the national parks out but failed because every person has a right to be there.)
    Genesis is still current. God is creating and keeping in existence all creation. The universe is expanding faster than you or I can imagine.

  8. By definition natural law is not a legislation passed into effect by government. It exists because of God.
    Our Declaration of Independence ratified by every state and every person in every state since our institution by the sovereign personhood of the citizen does indeed express “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God”. Atheists are tolerated. Atheism is not to be endured.

  9. Thank you both for the replies. LCQ I have left a comment on the prognosticis blog. Thank you all again.

  10. Thank you, Ordinary Catholic. Comments published. Never thought anyone really read what I wrote at Commentarius. I had quite a backlog. Wow! Much appreciate the comments. But thanks go to my priest Fr. Jeff Kirby who gave the talk on the environment.

  11. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg as Big Brother. Steps must be taken to destroy this looming censorship. Also the need for encouragement of free speech competitors has now become a high priority. Best hope now is the re-election of Donald Trump who can at least inhibit Big Brother’s reach and progress at least for awhile.

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