Requiescat in Pace: Pat Caddell

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Pat Caddell has passed away at age 68.  He went from being Jimmy Carter’s wunderkind pollster in 1976 to supporting Trump in 2016.  Always a populist, Caddell had little love for what his Democrat party had morphed into in the years following Carter.  In a field noted for its mendacity, Caddell generally had little use for spin, but would bluntly state the truth as he saw it.  I will miss his analysis of the passing political scene.


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  1. I was always surprised by his candor and wondered how he got away with it and stayed on TV. I expected the mob would chase him and tear him to bits for his betrayal. I, too, will miss his insights.

  2. When Caddell was most prominent, the Democratic Party contained multitudes. Nowadays, it’s the electoral vehicle of a menu of bourgeois occupational segments who despise the rest of society and make use of rank demogoguery to mobilize working-class blacks and Hispanics against others. Also, any residual respect Democratic sachems had for procedural norms 40 years ago is gone.

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