PopeWatch: Dog and Pony Show

The Vatican Dog and Pony Summit on Abuse has released how it is going to proceed:

The summit will operate within a framework of the dominant themes established by Pope Francis. The official program, released Monday, has Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila, Philippines, speaking on the “smell of the sheep” and Archbishop Charles Scicluna of Malta addressing “the field hospital.” Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Bombay, India, will speak on “collegiality” in a Church that is “sent out,” while Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago will address “synodality.”

The program puts an emphasis not on policies or procedures, let alone changes to canon law, but on a change in mentality by bishops. The favored themes of the Holy Father are to provide the new directions necessary for tackling sex abuse on a universal level.

The sex-abuse summit thus follows in the same line as the synods on the family and youth, where the emphasis shifted from specific questions of doctrine or moral teaching to the call for a new pastoral approach. The summit takes the view that bishops who think as Pope Francis wishes them to think about their role as shepherds will then do the right thing in tackling sex abuse.

Go here to read the rest.    PopeWatch was struck by this sentence:  The summit takes the view that bishops who think as Pope Francis wishes them to think about their role as shepherds will then do the right thing in tackling sex abuse.  Well, if Bishops simply emulate Pope Francis they will do their best to ignore well founded accusations of abuse.  Go here to read a typical example.  I guess the Pope is right about one thing.  When he wishes that his Bishops will have the smell of the sheep among them, that seems to be coming true.  Many Bishops seem to assume the laity are to be fed off of, abused and given to wolves when expedient.  And we are paying for this privilege.  What this joke of a summit actually demonstrates is that the gangsters currently at the helm of Mother Church have absolutely no desire to engage in any meaningful reform that will inconvenience them one iota.  As far as they are concerned, the only problem with the status quo is uppity sheep.

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  1. Diabolical Pope Francis has his own agenda for the Sex Summit. That is the normalization of homosexuality in the Church. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Check out the great Hilary White giving her 3 cents worth:

    “Servants of chaos don’t control damage; they ride it like a surfer rides a wave.
    Feb 20, 2019
    by Hilary White
    Or, “Why the Vatican ‘Summit on clerical sex abuse’ will be a smash success!”
    The ultimate goal is not the control of damage (far less is it the “address the problem”.) The ultimate goal is to complete the Paradigm Shift.”


  2. If ever there was a time for multiple lightning strikes on the Dome of St. Peter’s or a remarkable earthquake or a freak outbreak of millions of locusts descending….

    Well. You get the idea.
    Sometimes it takes a 2×4 to get the attention of the recipient.
    I’m not wishing harm to anyone however a wakeup call of biblical proportion wouldn’t hurt while they are gathered for Frank’s show.

  3. Does Pope Francis know that we only pray for the Faithful. Only the Faithful will be saved. Only the Faithful will get to heaven because only the Faithful choose to go to heaven. Kissing the devil’s two faces does not make the devil like us.
    Pope Francis’ job is to serve as the Vicar of Christ to the Faithful.
    (the rest want to, choose to, go to hell.
    Aren’t we all asked if we reject Satan and all of his works and all of his lies? Yes, the Faithful reject Satan. Only the Faithful are called into the presence of the Lord.

  4. It is incredibly important to remember that in the very room are bishops who are enables of sexual abuse and the likely the very sexual abusers themselves. Card. Cupich is there and can open the investigations into the names that he knows. He is of McCarrick’s circle and is privy to those that, at least, covered and enabled McCarrick. Start there and remove these wolves.

    We know you are not serious until you start removing these predators and their enablers.

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