Saint of the Day Quote: Blessed Daniel Jules Alexis Brottier

“Keep it carefully, for it was my silent witness all during the war. How many lips of dying people kissed that cross! It heard the last sighs of innumerable young soldiers. It touched their mangled, shattered bodies. I can declare that if the cord of this cross knew all the blood it drank the water in which it dipped would run red.”

Words written by Blessed Daniel Jules Alexis Brottier on his giving the chaplain’s crucifix that he bore as a French Army chaplain during World War I to his brother and sister-in-law.  Among other decorations for valor, he earned the Croix de guerre and the Légion d’honneur for tending the wounded on battlefields under fire.

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  1. What feminists call toxic masculinity in action. I always love this little historical anecdotal stories, Donald. Men like Daniel Jules Alexis Brottier gave us our civilization that is rapidly being dismantled by liberal progressive millennialism today.

  2. “It heard the last sighs…”. Powerful image. I second LQC’s gratitude – thanks Donald to giving us these daily reminders!

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