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The Vatican Dog and Pony Abuse Summit has ended and the best summation of it is in a tweet by Edward Pentin:


African bishop at on clerical sex abuse: “We’ve been ordered not to speak to the press because the Vatican wants to keep us on message. Everything has to go through the meeting’s media office. Homosexual issue hasn’t been mentioned at all in order to stay focused”

PopeWatch assumes that the Pope could care less about how faithful Catholics view this sham Summit, but he probably cares greatly how the mainstream media reported the Summit, and most of the coverage is fairly negative.  PopeWatch was started to collect information about the Pope and one thing PopeWatch has learned about this Pope is that when he cares not a whit about an issue he will give only rhetoric.  This has been his strategy in regard to abortion, and PopeWatch believes we are seeing the same policy in regard to clergy sexual abuse.  Why?  Because if the Pope were serious about the issue he would have to confront his chief ally, the Lavender Mafia, and that will not happen no matter what.

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  1. The man likes having morally compromised homosexuals around him, so he can control them, and virtue signal “mercy”. God help us.

  2. He is surrounded by morally comprised homosexuals because they put him in his current job. They go and he goes with them. The Lavender Mafia counts on the MSM to ignore them. Sooner or later this will end and it won’t be pretty.

  3. “We’ve been ordered….”
    I can only guess what else they’ve been ordered not to do, lest they be assigned to filing icons in Nome AK.

  4. So sad.
    By not confronting the contagion he helps to advance it.
    We, as the Church..Holy Church, must endure and holistically combat this cancer, Lavender Mafia.
    We can stop it’s spread by a vigorous background check on potential seminarians. Any with homosexual history must be asked to understand that at this time we can not allow the process to advance their studies into the priesthood.

    Unfair is the Pope’s head in the sand stance. Ask families that have suffered at the hands of homosexual priests. I believe they will agree and if boys are spared the scaring of being preyed upon then this background check is worth it.

  5. As noted, the clergy I’m familiar with in meatspace took to ignoring Francis about a year and change after he took office. No references in homilies, etc.

    Every time Francis opens his mouth, there should be a missive from the bishop re-asserting the teachings of the Church. Doesn’t have to be an explicit rebuke. Just say what is and instruct parish clergy to print it up and put it in the bulletin as an insert.

  6. Morally speaking the leadership of the Catholic Church has been reduced to rubble. It has become a political action group for leftist. Its concerns are those of special interest donating groups and affairs of the state, not the soul – this by their own admission. Mathew 13:13-16

  7. I knew, just from the recent history of the way the Vatican has rolled on issues, grave issues, that nothing much was to come from this summit. I prayed for different so maybe I need to be patient and let God work in His time frame.
    All the summit did in my view was the equivalent of buying a lot of bandages and ointment while leaving the bullet lodged in the wound and ignoring it even exists.

    We as the laity have been taught time and again that all people deserve our respect including those of SSA, and I agree it was the proper thing to do, however, I am so so afraid of the backlash that is coming that will hit the homosexual community very hard for the years of rubbing our faces in their lifestyle, changing our society, pretending to want to just be left alone to live their lives like everyone else, and society has bent over backwards to accommodate them.

    Yet what we’ve seen is the forcing of society to accept sinful acts as normal and good under penalty of law, teaching our children the perversions of their relationship and making anyone who believes in the traditional family and marriage a criminal. This will not last. Will it get worse? Yes, but it will end, badly.

    Pray for our nation

  8. Philip, you are a better man than I. I have a hard time believing Francis’ actions are the result of ignorance or negligence rather than support and intent.

  9. Philip, you are a better man than I. I have a hard time believing Francis’ actions are the result of ignorance or negligence rather than support and intent.

  10. Cardinal Pell was found guilty today in an Australian Court of raping a 13 year old boy and abusing another…decades ago… in the sacristy….straight after Sunday mass. One of these alleged “victims” died years ago and yet a jury found him overwhelmingly guilty!!! How?! How is there justice in this life when an innocent man like Pell who has valiantly served the Church his whole life, can be easily thrown under the bus by a so-called Pope who surrounds himself with openly promiscuous and vile faggots posing as Cardinals, DAILY. If Francis prayed and was a man of God he would have the judgement and conscience to know that an innocent man is being targeted and he would have God’s courage to come to Pells defence and condemn this. How is this verdict possible?! I’m feeling a mixture of sadness, anger and bitterness at my Church right now.

  11. I am absolutely horrified by what I just learned from Ezabelle! I don’t believe it at all. Where did this come from!!?

  12. Anzlyne- it has been a witch hunt from the beginning. He is the scapegoat for the Vatican’s vile behaviour. He predicted this allegation will affect many Catholics and it has really affected me.
    He was in charge of Vatican finances and the third highest Cleric after the Pope and the Popes confidant prior to this. And the Pope just threw him out like a bag of rubbish. I am awaiting the Popes official rubbish response to Pells guilty conviction.
    The evidence doesn’t add up. He could not have been in the sacristy abusing boys because the sacristy is always busy after Mass. He always had someone with him and a priest testified to this under oath and he had no contact with choir boys ever. The media is as gagged during the whole trial and the dishonest media blamed the defence for the gag but It was the prosecution who gagged the media because their trial was manipulative and disgusting.
    Pill has always ALWAYS maintained his innocence and appeal his conviction. He was disgusted my the allegations initially and called them vile and stood down from his high position and voluntarily came back from Rome to clear his name.

    An innocent man will be sentenced to jail next week. I am so upset by this. I have met Cardinal Pell and am heartbroken by this.

    Please pray for him. For his good legacy to end like this makes me wander what use we all have? Please God let Your justice prevail.

  13. Ezabelle.

    “This is an act of outrageous malice by a prejudiced jury. The media convicted him long ago in the court of public opinion and he did not receive a fair trial.”

    Thank you for sharing this, Ezabelle.
    My morning rosary will be for him.
    If indeed he is innocent, and he most likely is, he will use his misfortune to aid so many souls through redemption suffering. Unfairly accused and unjustly punished, he will walk with the angel of consolation.

    The horrible liberal media takes pride in slaughtering the innocent. Bastards.

  14. Pope Francis is not naive; to assert THAT is itself naive. There has been a hostile takeover of the Vatican. I’ll leave it to people with better theological chops to sort out whether Bergoglio is an Antipope. What he is not is a believing Catholic, committed to keeping the Church together. It is obvious to anyone looking squarely at the current situation that Pope Francis and his cabal are trying to destroy the Church.

  15. All men are offered salvation. In the abuse of their free will some men reject salvation and the cross of Jesus Christ.
    The Supreme Sovereign Being endower of free will respects their free will choice and lets them go to perdition.
    The Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth the Pope too must respect their free will choice and let them go to hell.

  16. Hang on people. This is a time in our Church’s history where our faith is sorely tested and where saints are made. As Cardinal John Henry Newman would say, this is an exciting time for a Catholic. We are being tested big time!

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