Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Anne Line

I am sentenced to die for harbouring a Catholic priest, and so far I am from repenting for having so done, that I wish, with all my soul, that where I have entertained one, I could have entertained a thousand.

Saint Anne Line


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    I have read in “Secular Saints” by Joan Carroll Cruz that some that tried were actually dragged from the boats and executed.

  2. I always wondered how the English recrusant families managed to survive. Probably being high born and wealthy landowners helped. Catholics were persecuted from 1534 – 1778. Included in the so called Penal Times were non-conforming Protestants. Priests were not legally allowed to say Mass until 1791.
    In Southern Maryland, founded by Catholics, many of the plantation houses had priest holes. In Colonial times Catholics who moved to Virginia were visited by priests ferried across the Potomac under cover of darkness.

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