The Fugitive Slave Law Effect

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In the 1850s anti-slavery sentiment grew rapidly in the Northern states.  There were many factors for this, but perhaps the most important was the fugitive slave law.  People who had tried to ignore slavery as best they could, or who thought it was just a Southern matter, suddenly witnessed runaway slaves being captured in their towns and carried back into slavery in chains.  Massive anti-slavery demonstrations occurred because of this, and the infant Republican party swiftly became the majority party in the North due to this up close and personal exposure to an issue that most Northerners had tried to avoid.


Democrats, with their latest push to have blue states legalizing abortion up to and including the infanticide of infants, are making pro-life converts hand over fist.  Go here to read a graphic description of one man’s journey from being a luke warm pro-abort to being a fervent pro-lifer.


The Left, as usual, has absolutely no idea what they’re doing. And by that I mean they are blissfully unaware of the consequences of their actions. I used to be pro-choice. I bought all the stupid hype. I’m a man, I have no business telling a woman what to do. Yadda, yadda.

The Left used to try to disguise abortion as best they could.  Now they seek to gain political mileage out of dead babies, and more and more people are repulsed by this.






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  1. I don’t know when or how it will come about but I truly believe that legal abortions will no longer be allowed in this country at least not with the liberty that it has been enjoying. I believe it will come totally unexpected by the left and they will be left with jaws hitting the floor.

  2. Roe v. Wade gave the mother total control over the child of the father and the mother. Where is there equal Justice? Pregnancy does not disenfranchise the father or deny the right to life of future fathers and mothers.

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