Hate Speech

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  1. If Mr. Cohen’s comments agree with the various public sexist, anti-marriage, anti-family, racist, classist and economic bullying things that Mr. Trump has done and said himself recorded in public, published in his numerous tweets and in his auto-biographies, then it makes sense to believe him. Consider the context. Consider also that this is not a life-long enemy or opponent of Mr. Trump, but a trusted ally for many years. If he’s such a liar, and I believe he is, then what does that say about his long-time employer, Mr. Trump. Bob Golden, 16 Years in Catholic education, Eucharistic Minister, Christian Ed teacher, 43 years in criminal justice work, member of Buffalo Diocese Justice and Peace Commission, chair of one of Pres. Reagan’s advisory committees.

  2. “If he’s such a liar, and I believe he is, then what does that say about his long-time employer, Mr. Trump.”

    That, like most extremely rich people, he has a lawyer to handle tasks that more reputable members of the bar would not. The Kennedy clan, for example, had several bagmen, I believe that is the term, with law licenses to run fairly seedy errands for them. In any case, I think most people voted for Trump in 2016 as the better of two evils.

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