PopeWatch: Voris

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Remember when Michael Voris of Church Militant refused to directly criticize the Pope?  That seems so long ago:


There is a pattern here with Pope Francis that many Catholics are saying is simply too much and he must go. Archbishop Viganò, who had not spoken of these charges, concluded on just the information about McCarrick that Francis should resign.

As what these — and what many Catholics around the world are expecting to be even more cases — continue to be brought forward, the question of the Francis papacy has to be revisited and openly discussed.

The men around the Pope are cover-up artists who staged a phony summit to protect any more information about McCarrick coming public. Others are accused of their own cover-ups like Maradiaga and Gracias. But even the Pope himself has covered up these sins and crimes.

This papacy is going down in flames, and it’s happening fast. Whether he resigns or not, the cause of this massive collapse is the homosexuality accepted and protected by Francis and his cronies and massive culture of cover-up that almost every cardinal around him participates in — from Cupich to Wuerl to McCarrick to Maradiaga to Tobin and the list goes on.

The next pope — whoever and whenever — needs to give all these men the McCarrick treatment and bust them all down to the lay state, where many of them would end up behind bars for their sins and crimes.

In fact, we should all pray that Pope Francis does that himself and then resigns, signaling the reform he promised when he stepped out on that loggia almost six years ago will finally come to the Church, just not on his pontificate.

Go here to read the rest.  It is painful when faithful Catholics are forced to criticize the Pope.   Loyal Catholics, rightly, have huge respect for the Pope.  However, Popes have never been considered to be the Alpha and Omega of the Church.  That role is filled by Christ.  When the Vicar of Christ acts in a way inimical to that office, orthodox Catholics are compelled to speak out.

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  1. From today’s Gospel:

    “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin,
    it would be better for him if a great millstone were put around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.”

    Many a millstone being carved these days.

  2. Thanks for posting this Don, I was just wondering what happened to Voris. I stopped reading him when he chose to never criticize uh, “bad behavior.”

  3. “In fact, we should all pray that Pope Francis does that himself and then resigns, signaling the reform he promised when he stepped out on that loggia almost six years ago will finally come to the Church, just not on his pontificate.”

    An act of mercy from the laity and from the resigning Pope Francis.

  4. I have been a visitor to Church Militant and Michael Voris for nearly 10 years. and he is criticised by my bishop and other kiwiw bishops, along with Lifesite News, as blogsites we should not visit. Why? Because he criticises bishops and their wrongdoing.
    I used ti think that he was a bit radical and over the top with his criticism of bishops and others – but over the past five years or so, he has been proven to be right, by the betrayal of many bishops themselves, of the One True Faith.
    Therefore, I support Michael and Church Militant; may God bless their ministry.

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