PopeWatch: Hmmm

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As PopeWatch has often observed, the key to understanding Pope Francis is his life in Argentina, and it is truly shocking how little examination there has been of that life:


Natacha Jaitt, an Argentine media celebrity who had accused Gustavo Vera, a friend of Pope Francis, of sex crimes, was found dead during the pre-dawn hours on Saturday at a resort near Buenos Aires.

Jaitt tweeted in October that Vera was Pope Francis’ “accomplice.” She wrote: “Justo Gustavo Vera, is a pimp, sex-trafficker, and accomplice of the Pope and, as I predicted, was tried for misappropriation of funds at Alameda and other illegal acts. God will do what is just, someday. Amen.”

Justo Gustavo Vera , el proxeneta, tratante, cómplice del papa y como anticipé y pasó, procesado por apropiación de la Alameda y otras aotrocidades ilegales. Di/os en algún momento hará justicia, amén. ���� https://t.co/gip0DJuyU3

— Natacha Jaitt (@NatachaJaitt) October 1, 2018

Police arrived at the Xanadu event complex near the capital of Argentina, where Jaitt was found unresponsive in bed. After her death was confirmed, police began investigating. A coroner determined on Saturday that Jaitt died of multi-organ failure; her body showed no signs of violence. She was a widow and mother of two children.

Argentine media is following the case closely, given Jaitt’s record of controversy, which included work in prostitution, pornography, and television. Her credibility has often been questioned. Controversy has swirled around Jaitt, ever since she made startling claims about Pope Francis and his friend, Gustavo Vera — a former Peronist politician who operates the nonprofit Alamada human rights organization.

Go here to read the rest.  Was the Pope involved in this ?  Almost certainly not, but it is interesting how often Pope Francis in Argentina was involved with very shady characters, and how much of this has received almost no coverage in English language media.  His life in Argentina largely remains an unexplored enigma.

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  1. There is a lot of myth swathed about this “pope”.

    Such as that he had a prestigious doctorate in systematic theology from the German theologate at Frankfort, that he was a great thinker.

    Complete rubbish. A lot of rubbish about this man.

  2. If the coroner is on the square, it’s a reasonable inference this woman had septicemia. I don’t think that’s something for which the Pope can arrange.

    If she was in the sex trade, she may have been HIV+. If she was diabetic, she’d also be more vulnerable to infection.

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