Trump C-PAC Speech

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  1. With his ‘Sermon on the C-PAC’ Donald Trump is really a religious leader, a political messiah, encouraging us to see the truth in our reality, to believe in ourselves, to have faith God and to believe his vision of the future can actually happen. . He will win in 2020.

    Conversely most Democrat candidates, like Pope Francis, paint a picture of defeat, pessimism, poverty, oppression excoriating us for our many shortfalls. Not believing in ether God or Man but in their own elite solutions. They will surely lose.

    Praise the Lord for Donald J. Trump and forgive him his trespasses.

  2. I pray Michael Dowd’s optimism comes to fruition. But almost every “well-educated” person with whom I speak – especially in my own company, Neutrons ‘R Us – hate and despise Trump. In fact, the more well-educated by liberal Academia they are, the greater their hatred. Only a very few – usually we old-timers who learned to be nukes on submarines during the cold war or learned to be nukes during the first nuke commercial builds of the 70s – see through the charade of the liberal left. I can only imagine how people in all the big cities will vote who have such large populations of zombies done educated into liberal progressive feminist imbecility. Every conservative must come out and vote; otherwise apathy wins. 🙁

  3. LQC.

    I believe many liberals may jump ship.
    The catholic ones!

    Governor Cuomo may have helped many do just that……come back to the Light.

    I see a Trump victory in 2020.

  4. Michael Dowd, I agree with you…we are surrounded by hateful democratic pessimists. What our country needs is faith filled optimism that we can all cling too. Trump came to clean up the swamp and he is so hated…we need to unite behind him and spread the word and pray for him…his campaign and tenure will be under fire every step of the way! He needs to be in God’s hands daily!

  5. I am not a saint by any means and neither is my President. Was King David? No. Trump was not suppose to win and by that I mean the numbers were NOT with him to succeed. I knew a lot of people who prayed so hard for him to win. Against ALL odds and conventional wisdom God made it happen. Yes, I truly believe it was divine intervention for nothing can explain his becoming president. No, he is no saint but he is a leader who loves his country. He is not needing for anything in this world yet he has put himself through the media ‘grinder’ to implement the things that would make the United States a great nation again and bring her to her fullest potential, and with her, the whole world.

    Pray for our President, Church and country

  6. ” He is not needing for anything in this world yet he has put himself through the media ‘grinder’ to implement the things that would make the United States a great nation again and bring her to her fullest potential, and with her, the whole world.”
    President Trump has risen to fill the shoes of the President of the United States

  7. The amazing energy level shown at CPAC is even more mind blowing for this 72 year old who just returned from a trip half way across the planet and back. What a gift the Almighty has given us in spite of what the elitist establishment think. Most perplexing for me is how do we deserve this? Wow, God is so Good.

  8. You are quite fortunate in the US. We have two elections coming up in Australia this year- one State and one Federal. You should see our options. It’s either a former trade-unionist, career politician or the current PM who was plonked there as a result of party in-fighting. Oh and a millionaire businessman named Clive Palmer who has spent a truck load of his own money on advertising and his slogan is “make Australia great again- I kid you not. But unfortunately nothing like Trump- Mr Palmer’s north Queensland nickel refinery was shut down more than two years ago, owing millions of dollars of unpaid entitlements to hundreds of workers.

    Liquidators have been chasing a complex web of Palmer-controlled private companies that owned and operated the refinery, but to date, Palmer has resisted paying back any money.

    But he can still run in the election.

    Count your Blessings when you have them America.

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