Tempt Not a Desperate Man



One thing that I am sure of, and which I can answer truthfully, is that whatever the contingencies that may arise here, wherever I am there will be no communism.

General Francisco Franco in a private conversation with the first Prime Minister of the Second Spanish Republic, Niceto Alcalá-Zamora.

Science Fiction writer Sarah Hoyt, who grew up in Portugal when it had a Communist interlude, nails it:


For decades, regardless of the party nominally in power, our polity had been in the hands of those who at best thought America was uncouth and needed reform and at worst hated us and wanted to bring us low among the nations of the world. Open borders, ever multiplying regulations that stopped our economy cold and sent jobs overseas, destructive welfare policies that actively made it punitive to stay together as a family. It goes on.

And in 2016, when they thought us softened enough, they brought out the full panoply of “socialist this” and “Marxist that.” Hillary’s running mate, for instance. And since then? The mask has come off yet further.

So we can either allow them to destroy this country, the last great place on Earth, or we can vote for whosoever opposes them. Even if the person is not what we wish.

For anyone in that frame of mind – and I think we have a majority of the country at this point – it doesn’t matter if Trump slept with a sex professional or if she blackmailed him under threat of talking about sleeping with him (remember, whores lie).

Heck, if he were found with a live boy and a dead girl at the same time, most of us would go, “not before breakfast” and keep on trucking on.

Because we’re desperate. Because a president who loves America is better than the one who hates it, and because the socialist/communist (remember the USSR called itself socialist. The difference is one of degree and the sort of fiddly proprietorship on paper stuff only they care about, just like only penguins care about penguin sex differences) madness is so strong in the Democrat party that anyone who opposes them is better than anyone they run.

Because the next Democrat president might be the last president of a free America, and then we will have to shoot our way out of socialism.

Which is why we don’t care about Stormy Daniels. We’re not even upset about this whole thing. We’re just baffled and wondering what is wrong with the heads of the Left.

Meanwhile, the Left thinks they’re turning us against Trump – let’s hope so. They’ll then underestimate how many votes to manufacture – or they’ll use this to make their fraud more plausible.

It is the second one that worries me.

There is a line in Romeo and Juliet when Romeo has sought poison to kill himself, and he’s heading for Juliet’s tomb, and the authorities try to stop him. With his back to the wall, nothing to lose, and seeking to kill himself, he says, “Tempt not a desperate man.”

The Left doesn’t get the desperation, or the degree of desperation most of us feel. Being as innocent of economics and history as a duck is of astronomy, they don’t get the grave peril the whole country stood and still stands in. They don’t understand that the world is not one of unicorns and rainbows.

Their pig ignorance of the world and their smug and stupid imagined superiority over the rest of us don’t allow them to know what they’re doing.

And what they’re doing is tap dancing on a powder keg and calling for more candles to properly illuminate the series.

Go here to read the rest.  It used to be a truism of American politics that the two parties didn’t differ that much from each other, certainly by the standards of the rest of the world.  That hasn’t been true for a while, and it is becoming less true by the day.  Our political system is showing signs of breaking down, and if it does completely, bullets will take the place of ballots.  One of the striking features of our first Civil War is the fact that almost all our political leadership never thought their political disagreements would end in war.  When the war finally did come,  almost everyone on each side initially thought that the other side would quickly toss in the towel and the war would be brief.  One of the more ominous developments over the past few decades is how few Americans read history, and how few of those learn anything from it.

‘There is a Congressman, I believe from Alabama—I’ve forgotten where from—who said there would be no war, and he offered to wipe up all blood that would be shed with a pocket handkerchief. That was his prediction. I’ve always said, someone could get a Ph.D. By calculating how many pocket handkerchiefs it would take to wipe up all the blood that was shed. It would be many handkerchiefs.”

Shelby Foote


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  1. There is a good article in the NY Times (of all places) on Our Culture of Contempt and where it’s leading us:


    It suggests that we all – left and right – should be cordial with each other, “Respond with warmheartedness and good humor.”

    Truthfully, I cannot respond with warmheartedness and good humor to (a) a baby murderer, (b) a sodomy sanctifier, or (c) an anti-Semite.

    I can and do respond with warmheartedness (a) to a woman who has made the mistake of abortion or (b) to a man struggling with same sex attraction or (c) to a fellow Muslim co-worker trying to figure out how to meet some arcane federal nuclear regulation.

    But truthfully, I have nothing but contempt – as unhealthy as that may be – for Democrats who want (a) to allow the murder of babies at the moment of birth or (b) to force Christians to give public assent to sodomite marriage or (c) to impose Sharia Law.

    You cannot dialogue with those kinds of people, whether they be (a) establishment politicians like Cuomo or (b) millennial feminist socialists like AOC or (c) Muslim extremists like Ilhan Omar.

    I don’t want this. I wish I could be like Mr. Spock – totally unemotional and rational about all this. I wish things like this didn’t make me so angry. But they do. I suppose I should go to Confession.

  2. This articulates to the letter how I feel about all that conservatives have to bear in our society. I hate it. I hate that it has come to this point. I hate the leftist fog that is descending on us making everything we now touch filthy with their slime. I hate the very thought of being backed up against a wall where the only way back to a decent society and life will be through violence lest God intervenes quickly. I despise what the left has done to our children. If, and I pray fervently that it never comes to fruition, our nation does again find itself in a civil war it will not resemble the last one in any way, shape or form.

    We’ve been made to endure the nonsensical rants and ravings of madmen who have been given the national stage. This will not be about simple slavery or rights of states to secede from the union, but the decades long onslaught on the American people by trying to eliminate everything we have come to love: Our God, our children, marriage, our nation. If it comes to physical confrontation it will be a horrid time in our lives. Their hatred for us is so thick, it permeates the very air we breathe. Lastly, I hate being pushed to the point where I may have to harm another brother. Never in my life have I ever struck another, not even in anger. Now all bets may be off.

    Pray for our Nation

  3. Portugal never had a Communist interlude. The closest it came was the Goncalves ministry (July 1974 – September 1975).

    Our current problem hasn’t much to do with Communism. It has a great deal to do with the decay of the legal profession, the decay of the teaching profession, the decay of the culture of the press corps, and the seizure of professional associations by dishonest ideologues. Rank and file members of these guilds have stood by while it happened, so bear some blame for it.

  4. or we can vote for whosoever opposes them

    The problem is the opposition is more often rhetorical than real. Even Trump, who appears to be trying to actually do something (build the wall) is having a hard time of it. At best, he’s got just shy of six years. I doubt the next Republican nominee will push back even 1/10th as much as he does against the Left.

  5. C Matt- part of the issue is that the goals move. Trump did start building the wall–starting with replacing “pedestrian fencing” in the San Diego area with an honest-to-goodness wall. If you watched TV during the caravan coverage, and saw the “we’re at the wall and we don’t see anybody coming over” segment, that was all new Trump Wall. The El Paso area also got some major upgrades, although I only know that from talking to a landscaper (!!!) who did some work on it.

    Once that was built– or at least already paid for and in process– the goalposts became putting in NEW wall at previously unsecured areas.

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