Hatred of Jews on the Left

Mark Steyn notes that the Left is becoming ever more accommodating to the ever growing number of Jew haters in their ranks:


Whereas Corbyn’s Labour Party is very much Europe’s future: the alliance between the secular left and Islam. Whatever the squeamishness of the few remaining old-school Judeophile socialists, they understand where the basic math of the new demography is leading.

Could it happen in America? Well, consider Ilhan Omar, a savvy Somali who briefly married her brother for the purposes of immigration fraud and yet became the darling of the new Minnesota Democrats. She’s been in Congress barely a month, but already it’s clear her horribles parade never ends: She has said that with Jews it’s “all about the benjamins” – which is the same message as that Aalst parade, yet made by an already influential US Congresswoman.

The old Democrats, like old Labour, roused themselves to object, and determined to pass a resolution condemning anti-Semitism. It was thin gruel, but even so Democrat House members were stunned by the “outpouring of support for Omar“. So in order to make the resolution less “contentious” it will now be modified to condemn Islamophobia, too.

I’m very bored by the smooth taqqiya Muslims who profess to dig the interfaith outreach. On balance, I prefer the likes of Ms Omar, who just can’t help herself. She’ll back down a little when Nancy Pelosi orders her to, but forty-eight hours later comes roaring Tweeting back …and dares the Democrats to call her on it.

The House Leadership just backed down. Like Corbyn in London, it can no longer even insist on its anti-Semitic bona fides without weaseling and equivocating. That’s very telling – and, unlike puppet grotesques in a medieval Lenten parade, it’s not the last throes of the past but a glimpse of the future.

Go here to read the rest.  Karl Marx once called anti-Semitism the Socialism of fools.  It would seem that today anti-Semitism is becoming an essential part of being a socialist.

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  1. The useless Republican leadership threw Steve King under the bus for no very good reason and this horrid fraudster gets no punishment at all. Our elites are contemptible.

    The self-understanding of white liberals doesn’t permit them to sanction Omar or Tlaib any more than they can sanction Alcee Hastings or Mad Maxine. They don’t have any authentic principles, just improvisations. As for organized Jewry, it’s a reasonable wager the Anti-Defamation League hasn’t uttered an honest word since Nathan Perlmutter retired. As for rank-and-file Jews, their self-understanding doesn’t permit them to react to any of this. No one who has sat in the President’s chair in the last 70 years had characters like Rashid Khalidi in his circle of friends and none (bar, perhaps, Jimmy Carter) were nearly so hostile to the State of Israel. The observable reaction by Jewish voters was bupkis. It’s going to take a generation or more for the Jewish rank-and-file to figure out that evangelicals are not their problem and neither is the ghost of Pio Nono. At that point, the influence of the Jewish population will have fallen so severely due to their loss of demographic weight that the Democratic Party will have lost interest in them.

  2. There was much discussion in the French press on the riise of anti-semitism o n the left some 20 years ago
    Robert Redeker suggests that, after the Cold War, the left has replaced “sovietophilia” with “islamophilia,” and that “Palestinians and the contemporary Muslim masses replace the proletariat in the intellectuals’ imagination” as the pure, ideal alternative to Western capitalism. (Le Monde, 11/21/01).
    Finkielkraut also offers an important distinction between absolute anti-Zionism and traditional anti-Semitism. In the March 2002 issue of the Jewish magazine, L’Arche, he argues that traditionally anti-Semites were Nationalists: “the French who worship a cult of their identity and who love each other in opposition to Jews.” “Contemporary anti-Semitism,” however, is the domain of the French who “do not love each other, who think in terms of a post-national future, who rid themselves of their Frenchness to better identify with the poor of the Earth, and who, through Israel, group Jews in the camp of the oppressors.” More recently, Finkielkraut has published an essay on anti-Semitism, Au Nom de l’Autre: Réfléxions sur l’antisémitisme qui vient (In the Name of the Other: Reflections on the Coming Anti-Semitism) in which he has taken aim at the left, explaining that anti-Jewish hatred of today comes not from those nostalgic for Pétain and Vichy but rather the activists of the anti-globalization and anti-racism movements. He explains that European unity is constructed around a series of ‘never agains.’ No more war, nor power, nor empire, nor nationalism. Progressive Europe has disavowed its embarrassing past. This makes it ill at ease with a state, Israel, that clings to its borders just as Europe renounces its own, that nurtures its army just as Europe demilitarizes, and that must combat implacable enemies just as Europe denies such things exist
    Pierre-Andre Taguieff in his January, 2002 book,: La Nouvelle Judéophobie (The New Judeophobia), wishes to signal that hatred of Jews is no longer grounded in race theory or articulated in terms of an opposition between Semites and Aryans. Rather, it is based on a “representation of Zionism as an incarnation of absolute evil.” He argues that the new judeophobia originated in Islam and Arab nationalism, however it now extends to a movement consisting of “neo-Christian humanitarianism,” “third-worldists,” and anti-globalization activists. This movement “draws nourishment from a myth and feeds it in return.” The myth “is constructed on the demonized figure of ‘Jews-Israelis-Zionists’ supported by the ‘Americans’ and in opposition to that, no less mythical, of the Palestinian Arab ‘innocent victims.’“ On one side, Taguieff continues, stands the “cosmopolitan Satan,” the unholy trinity ‘United States/Israel/The West.’ On the other side stands the “dominated and the oppressed.” Thus the new judeophobia recycles old stereotypes such as the rich Jew and the dominating Jew under the “varnish of progressivism.” The Jew is once more the stand-in for capitalism, imperialism, cosmopolitanism, indeed the whole economic order.

  3. Ilhan Omar is an elected official who is elected to represent her constituents. Her constituents are not Jew haters. This is not about free speech. This is about her personal agenda and abandoning her constituents. This is about taxation without representation.
    Ilhan Omar needs to be removed from office for malfeasance and incompetence for not even responding to her official duties and the oath she swore to uphold our Constitution. Enough with taking our tax money to advance an agenda inimical to our Founding Principles.
    Ilhan Omar is definitely not one of George Washington’s constitutional Posterity

  4. This is what is going on over at the Daily Signal of The Heritage Foundation on a post entitled: We Hear You: ‘Abortion Is Not the Answer, Adoption Is’
    Strac5 Pongo • 2 days ago
    Read the Old Testament, fool. God has the Chosen People swear they are Syrian and that God saved them from the Egyptians. Deuteronomy 26:5. Look it up. Why would God make Jews swear that they are Syrian? Because they are not Jews, they are Syrian, there is no question of their being Jewish, no one had any notion that Jews existed. I challenge you or anyone to contextualize Deut.
    26:5 to make the Chosen People not be Syrian, or even to prove that Jews are mentioned anywhere in the early chapters of the Old Testament. Israelites are Syrian, the name Israel is a variation on “Assyria,” and Israel was Assyrian territory.
    Anyone who has any clue about history and ancients knows there couldn’t possibly be Jews at that point in history, the whole “Jews are thousands of years old!” thing is ridiculous, Jews did not exist prior to the time of Alexander the Great. Jews are not mentioned in the Old Testament, which was written around 150 BC, until very late chapters (the Persian and Babylonian exiles), and they are always cursed. Jews lied about who they are.”
    I countered with Josephus and his 20 books on the history of the Jews, the Levites as priests and Scott Hahn’s realization that the nation of Israel came into being when the tribes united as a nation, I believe under the Law of Moses.
    It got ugly to say the least.

  5. off on a tangent: When, in the Bible God is referred to as: “WHO” the Holy spirit, God is God, the Supreme Sovereign Being of Three Sovereign Persons. When God is referred to as thing as in “which” or “that” is in heaven, God is not only blasphemed but disenfranchised. God is replaced by man. The man who believes himself to be God can now own another person, another sovereign person because he believes himself to be God.
    All men are image and likeness of The Beatific Vision, who are sovereign persons.

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