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Experts including Cardinal Raymond Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider are sounding the alarm over a shocking proposal at the Vatican to consider changing the matter of the Eucharist.

Such a move, critics warn, would invalidate the Sacrament and create, in effect, a “new religion.”

Jesuit theologian Father Francisco Taborda last week raised the possibility that the upcoming Amazonian Synod scheduled for next October might consider changing the matter of the Eucharist, allowing the use of a South American vegetable called yuca rather than wheaten bread.

Fr. Taborda told Crux on Feb. 28 that climate issues and inculturation warrant the change. Intense humidity during the Amazonian rainy season turns wheaten hosts into a pasty mush, he said, adding that “in the Amazon, bread is made out of yuca,” a shrub native to South America from which tapioca is derived.

Taborda, a professor of theology at the Jesuit university in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, was a featured speaker at a study seminar held at the Vatican on Feb. 25-27, in preparation for the October synod on “Amazonia: New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology.” 


Key figures at the two-day seminar included Italian Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, secretary general of the Synod of Bishops, and Brazilian Cardinal Claudio Hummes, a principal proponent of married priests in the Latin Rite. Also in attendance were presidents of Pan-Amazonian bishops conferences and other “prelates and experts” from Amazonia and other geographical regions.

While Fr. Taborda acknowledged that a change to the matter of the Eucharist is a “very complex question,” he said he believes it should be decided by local bishops. 

Yucarist: A new religion

LifeSite approached a number of prominent Catholic theologians and ecclesiastics to ask them if such a change is even conceivable. They replied unanimously and vehemently in the negative.

“It would be entirely improper for the Synod on the Amazon to discuss the change of the matter of the Holy Eucharist,” Cardinal Burke told LifeSite. “To depart from the use of what has always been the matter of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist has the gravest of implications,” he said.

“This is completely impossible because it is against the divine law which God has given us,” Bishop Athanasius Schneider, auxiliary of Astana, responded to the proposed change. “To celebrate the Eucharist with yuca would mean introducing a kind of a new religion.”

Go here to read the rest.  This Pontificate has sailed well beyond parody.  It is either a product of divine wrath or is a divine practical joke.


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  1. We land a man on the moon but can’t make bread that doesn’t turn mushy in humid rainy weather? Spare me. It would be no more a Mass if yuca was used than the bronze calf taking the place of the sacrificial lamb.

  2. Getting back to Jerusalem, the Real Jesus used wheaten bread. Wheaten bread may be protected from moisture sealed hermetically. There simply is no excuse for changing Our Blessed Lord’s instruction.
    If the Catholic Church tells God how to run the church then, it is no longer Catholic.

  3. “There simply is no excuse for changing Our Blessed Lord’s instruction.” MDV

    Only one excuse Mary.


  4. I would be pleased if a future Pope told the members of the Jesuit order that each of them as individuals is welcome to apply for incardination in any diocese in which they’ve been posted at one time or another, and, if no one will take them, they’re dismissed from the clerical state.

  5. Why oh why, in a age of simple portable hand operated vacuum containers that remove humidity and prevent spoilage (if that is truly a problem!), is this question even being asked!
    When it was never asked before!

  6. You radtads!!!
    You must become yuca-senitive or you will have no life..er uh..yuca within you!

    To yuca or not to yuca…that is the big question for head mucky-muck.

  7. “Why oh why, in a age of simple portable hand operated vacuum containers that remove humidity and prevent spoilage (if that is truly a problem!)”

    It’s called social justice. We need to be sensitive to those of the Amazon cultures and not force our imperialism(wheat bread) on them. It smacks of PC and nothing else.

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