Dwight Defies Leftist Groups

Proud of my village:

 Dwight village trustees voted 5-2 to annex 88 acres Monday night as a possible site for a controversial federal detention center that would house immigrants.

About 300 people attended the meeting, which was moved to Dwight High School to accommodate the crowd. The audience included several opponents who gathered at the Amtrak station and marched to the high school.

While village President Jared Anderson previously spoke of economic benefits for the village, opponents spoke at the meeting against federal immigration policy and the role such a facility would play in it.

After the vote, opponents of the project shouted down the board, causing Anderson to abruptly call an end to the meeting.

They shouted obscenities at the board and several even approached board members. They were rebuffed by the increased police presence at the meeting.

Go here to read the rest.  Some people residing in Dwight opposed this project, but the majority of the opponents were from outside activist groups who did resident opponents no favor with their tactics.

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  1. I do not see ever coming to an agreement with those for illegal immigration and those opposed. The agenda of both sides are so diametrically opposed from each other that I can see no solution. Something will have to give before any agreement comes to be and I fear that something will not be good.

  2. Those opposed to the illegal immigrant village must give their citizenship, their homes and their benefits to the invaders. This would make everyone happy.

  3. Why should we give our homes to them. We worked for them They didn’t.. The Blacks are saying the same about the whites.

  4. I guess I’m puzzled as to why such a center would be located in a small town in northern Illinois. I suppose there should be a place for people nabbed at O’Hare, but I would think a locus on the outskirts of the Chicago suburbs – say in Kane or McHenry County, would be more convenient.

  5. One giant detention center, complete with courts for processing detainees.

    In the middle of Alaska.

  6. Y’know, it’s funny, but when I was reading Caesar’s Commentaries back in grad school, it was Harrison’s voice in my head.

  7. Art Deco asks why the Illegal Immigrant Detention Center is being built in rural Illinois and not near Chicago. Dwight is a Prison Town: the Illinois Prison for Women was there for many years and the Detention Center will replace it in the local economy. Reading the local newspaper story about the Town Meeting, it struck me as sad that the locals see a new prison as such a boon for the local economy. What dim prospects for Dwight and rural Illinois!

  8. Pontiac, the county seat, also has a prison. Having large institutions in which people are locked up is old news for this county. The median family income in Dwight is 44,000, about 15,000 below the national average. However, the cost of living is lower here, especially in regard to real estate. The cost of living differential between rural central Illinois and the coasts ranges from 24%-100%. The Village of Dwight is always on the lookout for employers that can provide at least a median family income.

  9. What dim prospects for Dwight and rural Illinois!

    It’s a service center with about 4,000 people living in it. Exactly what sort of enterprise do you fancy should be there? That aside, personal income per capita for Livingston County is 81% of national means. That for Grundy County is 95% of national means. The mean for the whole set of counties which lie outside of metropolitan commuter belts is 81% of the national mean. People living in small towns and rural areas tend to be less affluent (on average) than people living in cities. Not sure you could find a place on the globe where this isn’t true. BTW, 19% below the American national mean puts your community on a par with …Canada.

    Unemployment rates for Grundy and Livingston counties have been of late 5.1% and 3.8% respectively. The employment-to-population rate for the two counties is currently 0.45 (v. 0.60 nationally). People resident in small towns and rural areas commonly commute.

  10. “Why should we give our homes to them. We worked for them They didn’t.. The Blacks are saying the same about the whites.”
    Sorry. I am saying those opposed to stopping illegal invasion from the South ought to give their citizenship, their homes and their benefits to the illegal invaders. Let them put their money where their mouth is; not ours, starting with most Democrats.

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