News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


HELL—In a statement offered to reporters during a 15-minute recess from hell, dictator and mass murderer Joseph Stalin announced he now identifies as a strong woman of color in order to deflect criticism away from his socialist policies that killed millions.

“I now identify as a strong woman of color, and a lot of men simply can’t handle that,” Stalin said, sassily snapping his fingers in a “Z” formation. “It drives them crazy to know that a strong woman of color such as myself can wield so much power.” Stalin stated that white men simply feel threatened by his accomplishments and can’t possibly have any legitimate criticisms of his policies, including a centralized economy that led to mass starvations, a brutal police state, genocide, and government control over every area of citizens’ lives.

Millions of people quickly apologized to Stalin after the announcement was made.


Go here to read the rest.  Well, it would not be much more delusional than socialist economic policies.

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  1. The Hell welcoming committee was very generous to place AOC’s likeness next to the champions of destruction. She fits in.
    What a perfect billboard.

    Possible caption;
    Making lives miserable again.

  2. Fits in?
    Those monsters had brains, unfortunately. Stalin (according to Paul Johnson) had remarkable talent for detail and management. What does she have, except a nice mug and lot of gush?

  3. She is a toddler – 29 years old! With no real previous work experience except for bartending. And apparently she hasn’t paid back her student loans..? But the left are citing her as the next big US leader. God help you America if this is true. And as others have commented, at least Stain reign of terror was decades of meticulously orchestrated destruction. This woman will leave a mess in her trail and she won’t even realise what she is doing.

  4. It would be interesting to read an analysis of what drives her supporters; what deifies her? My guess is loss of faith in God, loss of faith in themselves and in our way of life of personal responsibility. As a result her supporters are massively insecure and are looking to AOC to bring about government protection and care. But how unfortunate for them as they would be the first to be eliminated as they are obviously useless.

  5. She and her followers and supporters are what you get when our education system is taken over by the left and indoctrinate students for years and years. Can’t help but get this as a finished product.

  6. Ocasio-Cortez has been campaigning for president since she was elected to Congress. AOC is elected to represent her constituents. The president of the U.S. is elected to represent his constituents, every single individual American citizen. How can AOC as president represent her constituents, every single person in the U. S., when she does not represent the people who elected her from New York?
    Obama with his phone and his pen worked as a single voter and never represented his constituents. It is called malfeasance in office and taxation without representation. Taxation without representation is dealt with in the Fifth Amendment, the takings clause, taking votes without just compensation, that is representation.
    Every single person in the picture, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and now Ocasio-Cortez swindled their constituency and never represented them.

  7. Every time I see a picture of AOC like that above, I think of Eva Peron, whose memory I now perhaps insult.

    Occasional-Cortex is female and economically illiterate. Otherwise, she bears no resemblance to Eva Peron.

  8. “Every time I see a picture of AOC like that above, I think of Eva Peron, whose memory I now perhaps insult.”
    This, too, is my take and Eva Peron came to mind, then Imelda Marcos, who gave powdered milk out at the hospitals when her extravagance had impoverished the people.
    Don’t cry for me Argentina. Were there any tears left?

  9. She has more similarity to the young Eva before Duarte bleached her hair.


    Seriously, Eva Peron was a bas*ard child who grew up poor, had a circumscribed quantum of schooling, fended for herself from age 15, and somehow made a living as an actress. She had a strange inspirational quality that’s made her a continuing presence in Argentina’s political imagery, mostly for ill. Occasional-Cortex is just another example, in case we needed one, of how the professional-managerial bourgeoisie now and again make a hash of guiding their late adolescent children while the youngsters themselves make a hash of their young adult lives. Every train-wreck looks somewhat different, of course. She’s more of an exhibitionist than some I’ve seen.

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