Lawfare for the Right

As I have opined before, Nick Sandmann’s attorney, L. Lin Wood, is not fooling around.


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  1. Trump hat……$16.95
    Bus fair to DC March for Life…$25.00
    Being slandered by the worse liberal faux news organization in the country…?
    Millions, I hope.

    Standing up for Christ’s most vulnerable?

    May his higher education be bought and paid for by Ted Turner.
    Nick’s future?
    Well it won’t be spent banging on the drum all day.

  2. Great to see the push back by conservatives. We need a lot more of this. The Liberal media—including my son Matthew at ABC who was involved and could be sued****–needs it’s comeuppance. They have been getting away with lying or seriously biased remarks for way too long.


  3. Wood and McMurty should send a letter to every bishop who opined negatively about Covington students and Sandman in particular. There have been no apologies that are true apologies. Hardly good male role models these “men of God”.
    The staff at Covington Catholic H. S. needs a reminder on legal letterhead to apologize to students and their parents. Publicaly. Because they sure made their comments public when they rushed to judgement; condemned the boys.

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