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When I was a boy and reading about the French Revolution I thought to myself what a terrible thing it would be to live in a time when so many people took leave of their senses.  Little did I know what the future had in store for me:

Two-year-old used sign language to proclaim gender identity. Other moms chime in about their trans preschoolers, and recommend instructing the youngsters in pronoun usage, even though most kids that age “don’t notice them.”

Go here to read the horrifying rest.  Times when madness reigns often have a symbolic event that symbolizes the craziness of the age.  For the French Revolution it was when a prostitute was enthroned in Notre Dame cathedral as the goddess Reason.  During the Stalin era the show trials filled that role.  The Nazis, using precious rail space to transport Jews to the death camps as their armies were being beaten, paid testament to the murderous insanity of Hitler.  The mentally ill who go by the name of transgenders are filling that function today.  I do not blame most of them.  The mentally ill are always with us and should be treated with compassion.  I blame the activists willing to sacrifice children in order to trumpet the idea that sex is a imposition and that we can choose to be male, female or any other sex we wish.  Thus teenagers have their bodies mutilated, teachers are fired if they do not agree to the manifest lie that a he is a she or a she is a he, and children learn to share their bathrooms with adults of the opposite sex, and parents are decried as bigots if they dare object.  This is deeply evil as well as utterly insane.


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  1. With each dawn, Orwell’s dystopian novels are proven to be not only nonfictional but prophetic.

    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    See Isaiah 5:20.

    Over at Instapundit, they keep asking, “Who declared this crazy week?” I think they mean “crazy century.”

  2. The parent in the article you have linked to is weak and confused in my opinion. The problems her child has are a product of her poor leadership as a parent and I wish she had voices around her which encouraged her correctly.

    My youngest is 2 and a boy. He has 3 older sisters. We have this conversation whether he is a “boy” or “girl”. I firmly tell him he is a boy. I discourage him from playing with barbie dolls or girl toys. I know this may sound quite simple-minded, unfashionable and “backward” to some but really sometimes this is all it takes to cement in the childs mind their God-given identity, from a young age. You need to encourage and affirm it otherwise the messages they receive from around them whether directly or indirectly is confusing. I would be wary of social workers and their motives, as they come across as knowing more than the parents. God have us authority and stewardship over our children and nobody can take that place.
    This topic is just the tip of the iceberg of the insanity of our times.

  3. I think the closest analogue might be the child sexual abuse witch hunts of the 1980s. (McMartin, Fells Acres). If we’re fortunate, it will burn itself out after a few years (but leave some wreckage behind).

  4. Every crazy thing in this country is a conspiracy between lawyers and the social-work-and-mental-health trade (propagated by the media). A partial solution to this problem would be to end state certification of social workers, close the social work programs at state colleges and universities; recruit the child protective service from the ranks of clinical psychologists, nurses, and sheriff’s deputies; and scrap the use of insurance re-imbursements to finance psychiatry and clinical psychology (supervision of schizophrenics excepted). While we’re at it, we might limit the work of school psychologies to testing youngsters to locate learning problems.

  5. The identity crisis lies within the propagators, supporters and practitioners of gender reassignment therapy.

    They don’t know themselves.
    They haven’t begun to ask the right questions…not about Jimmy who’s innocently playing with a doll..but who they are as individuals.

    If they had a solid compass to steer by they would see the horrific consequences of altering what God has designed for Jimmy. Because they consider themselves wise they try their craft at making an apple out of a pare.
    Compounding this absurd faux rewiring Jimmy’s parents and neighbors join in the lie. Join in the experiment that costs Jimmy his life because deep inside, after the hormone replacement therapy and surgical procedures to form a Jane, he finds himself a lie. The mirror only reflects an image. The heart reflects the true identity. Gender confusion is multiplied by the willingness of the “village” to support the lie.

    Evil times are afoot and Jimmy’s a sitting duck.

  6. Phillip. Agree about Jimmy being the social experiment, but only if parents allow it. Parents are their child’s first educators. This God-given right is being slowly taken away from them in the name of the “greater good” ; whatever that means. The “greater good” one day is to feed your child solids at 6 months so they don’t develop allergies, then a year later it’s feed your child solids earlier so they don’t develop an allergy. Hold them back till 6 to start school one year so they become more adjusted students and a few years later it’s start them early at 4 so they become adjusted students. Let them play with gender neutral toys this year so they aren’t “limited” by their gender, then the next year it’s give your little son a tutu and your daughter a pirate sword so they aren’t “limited” by their gender. It would be comical if it wasn’t so dangerous in the long term. I cannot tell you how much ridiculous advice I have ignored over the past decade and a half I have been having children. It changes all. The. Time.
    But like you said, when it starts with a social worker telling a mother to start giving her child hormones, and it proves irreversible once the child grows to an adult, it becomes utterly frightening.
    Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.

  7. “Gender confusion is multiplied by the willingness of the “village” to support the lie.” It is so sad for one little child whose self is taken by sick , devastates society. In the whole global “”village

  8. Much evil has happened in the world since Vatican II when the Church decided it could make friends with the world (Democrat politics, Social Justice initiatives), the flesh (homosexuality, contraception), and the devil (no emphasis on Confession, no hell, ersatz mercy). The Church stopped being a beacon of Truth in the world and lost it’s courage.


  9. “The Church stopped being a beacon of Truth in the world and lost it’s courage.”

    Only so far as how you define the “church.” I’m not conquered. Others that shine light in dark places are mini beacons, helping to illuminate the narrow path, the path less taken. We are the Church. Find that holy priest. Drive an extra forty miles if you must. Move to that village. Receive Jesus regularly.
    Double your efforts and help strengthen the Holy Catholic Church…one neighbor at a time.

    Peace Michael.


  10. There are other pieces to this, I Have found. Evil desires & confused thinking around identity & sex often arise from childhood abuse and other social ills like drugs. The people I know who are gay or bisexual have experienced sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and/or other maladies such as prenatal exposure to narcotics through their mother’s use of drugs. These people seeking validation through so called “transgenderism” are often very damaged or wounded people.

  11. With each dawn, Orwell’s dystopian novels are proven to be not only nonfictional but prophetic.

    He only wrote one dystopian novel, and, no, we’re not living in that world. You can see elements of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 and Huxley’s Brave New World in our life today.

    What’s disgusting about our time is that our cultural control centers are run by people who inveigle, manipulate, and intimidate people into uttering nonsense in order to humiliate them.

  12. What’s disgusting about our time is that our cultural control centers are run by people who inveigle, manipulate, and intimidate people into uttering nonsense in order to humiliate them.

    So are those functionaries out of Minitru or Miniluv?

  13. Not all of the “transgendered” are mentally ill– a lot are just flat-out abused.
    Spend some ten to fifteen years emotionally abusing a kid who doesn’t fit in all that great, at best by dropping them into a pack of feral kids for “socialization” (daycare, school) and then, when they are depressed and vulnerable– tell them that it’s because the world is hateful to them and they can fix it by “being” the other sex.

    Apparently folks who would be “on the spectrum” are a very popular target for this junk, with kids who’ve got an activist/signaling parent (like the poor 2 year old) being second in line.

    And we all know what happens next:
    They “transition,” they STILL don’t fit in, and their new “friends” drop them because they’re not useful and grateful, and generally they suicide.

    Poor SOBs.

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