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Grief!  The late Senator Joe McCarthy was Albert Einstein compared to this utter idiot.  Most teenagers could do a better job of playacting being a member of Congress. Cyril M. Kornbluth, it appears you set your story The Marching Morons too far in the future.

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  1. In The Time Machine by H. G. Wells, the hero goes to the future to educate and civilize the population. Contrarily, The Marching Morons is nothing more than a trope against people, actually against everything but the elite who are portrayed as saviors. The Marching Morons is an atheistic portrayal of mankind with no rational, immortal human soul.
    The raised fist is nothing more than a sign for good fiscal policy. When in supermarket, I see a purse left unattended in the shopping cart, I counsel the owner to keep a good fist as good fiscal policy on his purse. I make the closed fist.
    We simply must take our fists and rainbows back from the devil.

  2. I shut it off after her first stupid question (and his stupid answer, indubitably generated by Wells-Fargo’s PR office).

    I regard to the Obama’s, what impresses you about their life after 1991 is the degree to which it was a simulacrum. You can hack off a partisan Democrat just by reciting their work history with appropriate annotations. Occasional-Cortex and Riley add an element of farce to that. This just should not be happening.

  3. I am tickled by the CEO of Wells Fargo bank being named Sloan like (S)loan. I am dyslexic.
    AOC does not represent her constituents. AOC represents her agenda.

  4. What an idiot. Instead of asking a banker, why doesn’t Congresswoman AOC ask the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) which regulates pipelines with the help of their state partners.
    Of course she is not interested in facts.
    Zealous greenies are not above sabotage or attempted sabotage.

  5. Tragically, AOC resonates with millions of products of America’s dumbed-down, socialist brainwashing factories/public schools and universities.

  6. Anomalia Occasional Cortex is truly a first class idiot.

    Socialism is a clealy documented failure everywhere it has been attempted…except for those implementing it.

    I have pointed out to me Latina wife that socialism….or Peronism, or caudillos…have a strong resonance among Latin Americans, as if an “ism” will make their lives better.
    Contrast Latin America to Poland…both Catholic, but Poland has had 29 consecutive years of economic growth and has surpassed Argentina.
    Part of it is Poles don’t put up with being told what to do.

  7. I have pointed out to me Latina wife that socialism….or Peronism, or caudillos…have a strong resonance among Latin Americans,

    Entrepreneurial caudillos haven’t had much purchase in Latin American political life in nearly 50 years. The last one of note to appear on the scene was Omar Torrijos in 1969, and he proved to be durable because he could put together a political machine which wasn’t vitally dependent on his person. The sort of praetorian populism in which Peron traded has had a tour in a half-dozen Latin American countries, but it’s had a truly extensive run only in Venezuela and Argentina (and even in Argentina it’s been domesticated to a degree).

    Latin America’s most salient problem as we speak is that institutions which establish and maintain public order (courts, police, prisons, and the land registry) are a mess. If there’s an excess of compliant behavior on the part of Latin Americans, neither their hoodlums nor their civil service has gotten the memo.

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