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Cardinal Marx proceeds apace in Germany with his Reformation II:


Cardinal Reinhard Marx signaled today that the Catholic Church in Germany is open to revisiting Catholic sexual teaching that prohibits contraception, cohabitation, and homosexual relationships.

During their March 11-14 spring assembly in Lingen, Germany, the German Bishops’ Conference discussed possible causes and reasons for the current clerical sex abuse crisis in Germany. Invited speakers raised the idea of ordaining the so-called viri probati (morally proven men), as well as accepting contraception, cohabitation, homosexual relationships, as well as gender theory. 

The German bishops have now decided to further discuss these themes in a series of discussions which they call a “synodal path.”

Cardinal Marx – the President of the German Bishops’ Conference and archbishop of Munich-Freising – gave a press conference today at the conclusion of the spring assembly. He pointed out that the German bishops dealt with the “systemic” problems related to the abuse crisis, something that “was not discussed in Rome” at the recent sex abuse summit. Here, it is about “dangers of a systemic nature.” As far as he knows, Marx added, “we are the only local Church that confronts this question now.”


Go here to read the rest.  Never doubt that today the biggest enemies of the Church are within the Church under the banner of synodality, and almost all our Bishops do nothing.  The Church is beset with many grave problems, but PopeWatch thinks the greatest is simple episcopal cowardice.

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  1. “This process is to be undertaken “together with the Central Committee of German Catholics…”

    Marxism and a Central Committee – what could go wrong?

  2. …contraception, cohabitation, and homosexual relationships…simple episcopal cowardice….
    There’s a line up! Hmm, there is a connection.

  3. “simple episcopal cowardice.”
    I’m not too sure. I think they are becoming bolder and bolder in their apostasy from the Faith.

  4. I’m going to hazard a guess here and say that the reason the problem is systemic is that we have a teaching problem because the teachers have a problem with the teaching.

    The solution isn’t to change the teaching, it’s to demand a better class of teachers.

  5. I agree JFK. It is not cowardice at all and no longer is it subterfuge but total and deliberate exposure to take over the Church of 2000 years. It’s no different than what the leftists in this country, when spurred on by the Obama administration, who were now in power and nothing was going to ever wrest that power from them again, they became bolder and bolder in their agenda and did not try to hide it anymore.

  6. “It is not cowardice at all”

    It is for the majority of bishops who realize privately that what Marx is spouting has bupkis to do with Catholicism. This Pontificate has been a pageant of ecclesiastical white featherism.

  7. That’s an oblique call for allowing priests to marry. Because married clergy is the reason protestants denominations haven’t the slightest care in the world.

  8. “That’s an oblique call for allowing priests to marry. Because married clergy is the reason protestants denominations haven’t the slightest care in the world.” or do not have ANY sexual scandals…

  9. I’ve always supposed that if it were just a matter of disagreeing with Apostolic Tradition and teachings that one would always be ‘free’ to go to another denomination more in line with how one thought and believed. This is what protestants do when they don’t like their pastor or what he preaches, they move on or even start their own church. Catholics who are not happy with the Church could go to the Episcopal Church where many of the issues they deem important in their lives(homosexuality, priestesses, bishopettes, lgbt) are more than welcomed. I would suppose then that they would be happy(ier) there.

    Their insistence that the Catholic Church change instead of leaving and moving on tells me it’s deeper than mere disagreement with the Catholic Church. I see it as a deliberate and systematic attempt to destroy what has been for 2000 years. It is a diabolical(Satan) attempt to use those in the hierarchy who are steeped in the secular and entice them to personal gain, destroying their belief in the spiritual. In the process many of the laity will go along with their faux shepherds. The destruction of the Church is the goal. Bringing the Church up to date in current beliefs is only a method to that end.

  10. Good men have been blocked from the seminaries. Good men love Jesus Christ unconditionally. The priest shortage is contrived and manipulated for the end of destroying the Catholic Church. Nothing new here.

  11. It’s the sin of pride is what it is. Because, sure, acceptance in your new welcoming, feel-good non-judgmental non-denominational church of the gospel of Depeche Mode is nice; but does it really provide the same overwhelming sense of satisfaction that comes from validation?

    After the Church finally admits that you’re right and She’s been wrong for 2000 years almost.

  12. “Because married clergy is the reason protestants denominations haven’t the slightest care in the world.”

    Too right. Only look at some orthodox priests and the issues attached to priests having a family and a parish to look after. Married priests will open up a whole new can of worms of what could go wrong there.

  13. And btw, the synod is only “revising” the Churches 2000 year old teachings to appease the filth currently going on in the Vatican. It makes those closeted, deviant clergy feel better about themselves. It has bollocks to do with the faithful.

  14. I pity wives of priests:

    1. She dresses so dowdy!
    2. She dresses like a slut!
    3. She can’t keep their brats under control!
    4. She has turned their kids into robots!
    5. Who does she think she is!
    6. Doesn’t she realize she is the wife of a priest?
    7. I’ve heard they don’t get along, they are always so cold in public!
    8. They should get a room!
    9. She never smiles!
    10. She is always laughing like a hyena!

    There are good practical reasons for having a celibate clergy, as I am sure many Protestant clergy, and their spouses, would silently agree with.

  15. Besides, the only teenage girls easier than Catholic school girls are pastors’ daughters.

    Or so we used to speculate, based upon rumor and innuendo.

  16. On a serious note, my guess is the “synodal path” has more to do with the filth in Germany than the filth in the Vatican per se.

    On the other hand, if the Rhine is an open sewer, and the Rhine still flows into the Tiber. . . .

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