David Indemnity


ENTER KING DAVID.  He should be reminiscent of Fred MacMurray in “Double Indemnity.”


                                    It’s not easy being the King of the Israelites,
                                    but it has its compensations.  For instance, that
                                    day I was taking a stroll on the palace roof when
                                    I saw something no red-blooded male could resist. 
                                    Being King, I didn’t have to resist.  I sent for her.

ENTER BATHSHEBA.  She should be reminiscent of Barbara Stanwyck in “Double Indemnity.” 

                                    You know there are laws against public indecency.

                                    In that case, you better stop undressing me with your
                                    eyes, before we both get in trouble.

I’m the King.  No one gets me in trouble.

                                    Wanna bet?

                                    I hear your name is Bathsheba.  An appropriate
                                    name for a girl whose hobby is bathing.

                                    I do like a good scrubbing.

                                    I’ll bet you do, baby. 


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