PopeWatch: China

Craven appeasement reaps its usual reward of scorn:


Despite entering into a controversial, lopsided agreement with the Vatican last September in which China gained greater control over the Chinese Catholic Church, President Xi Jinping will evidently snub the Holy See while visiting Rome this week.  

Vatican sources told Reuters that although there have been some behind-the-scenes discussions, Chinese officials have not requested a meeting between Xi Jinping and Pope Francis. It is customary for heads of state to visit the Holy See while in Rome.

“The pope is willing to see Xi Jinping, but I’m not sure Xi is willing to meet the pope,” said Fr. Sergio Ticozzi, an expert on mainland China Catholic affairs living in Hong Kong, according to The South China Morning Post.

“Politically speaking, it will go against his religious affairs policy if he accepts the Vatican’s invitation,” continued Ticozzi. “Xi has emphasized the sinicization of religions, so meeting the pope would kind of gesture an acceptance of interference from a Western religious authority in his domestic religious policy.”

Go here to read the rest.  The Chinese President isn’t even giving the Pope the traditional 30 pieces of silver.

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  1. Actually, that insult by China says far more about respecting this pope than all the commentary in the world.

  2. When pondering this particular event I’m prompted to recall an old saying; “The operation was a success, however the patient died.”

    As the government takes images of Christ out of Christian churches and replaces them with Xi Jinping it’s baffling that the Vatican should be amazed that China’s President doesn’t want to see Frank. The cards were played. Folding to the bluff is pathetic.

  3. There wouldn’t have been a world leader alive who would have turned down an audience with St JP2. Except maybe the ayatollah Khomeini. Unfortunately for Pope Francis, this is what happens when other leaders do not respect your authority. Its anxiety inducing for us Catholics, because we had it so good for so long and didn’t know it at the time. Now we have….this.

  4. It would be good thing that Xi will “snub” his holiness, and I hope this speculation is true. From Xi’s perspective a meeting with the pope would be awkward, since the Holy See still maintains its nunciature in Taipei (although it has more or less openly said that it is ready tom transfer it to Beijing at a moment”s notice–I’m surprised, actually, that it has not been done yet). His Holiness and Cardinal Parolin obviously want a meeting, but should that happen it would be one more gratuitous slap against ordinary Chinese Catholics, an imprudent reaffirmation of what is increasingly recognized (except by Msgr Parolin and perhaps the Pope himself) of a. very bad deal.

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