Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Margaret Clitherow

“The sheriffs have said that I am going to die this coming Friday; and I feel the weakness of my flesh which is troubled at this news, but my spirit rejoices greatly. For the love of God, pray for me and ask all good people to do likewise.”


Saint Margaret Clitherow

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  1. For the crime of being Catholic and having a priest in her home, she was tied to stakes in the ground with an oak door dropped on her and boulders piked in top until she was crushed to death. Spanish Inquisition, bah. England was worse.

  2. What was even worse, I think she was four months pregnant at the time. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I agree with Penguins Fan – being Catholic in Elizabethan England was no picnic.
    St. Margaret Clitherow and all English martyrs, please pray for us

  3. Ah yes – The Pearl of York.
    One of my ancestors named Nicholson did her biography in the 17th. century, and had a great devotion to her.

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