Why the Mainstream Media is Dying


Veteran reporter Lance Morrow is on target:


The Post’s apothegm, somehow off-kilter, with its alliteration and self-importance, was a purposeful bit of branding, designed to claim high ground and to poke a thumb in President Trump’s eye every morning. Such partisan intent detracts from the slogan’s claim to universality. The self-serving implication—the notion that, against the Darkness, the Washington Post represents the Light—invites the reader to respond (as readers have always responded to the Chicago Tribune’s slogan, “The World’s Greatest Newspaper”) by muttering, “I’ll be the judge of that, pal.”

The other day, Ted Koppel, a voice from the late-twentieth-century practice of journalism, spoke about what has become of his old business in the age of Trump. “We are not the reservoir of objectivity that I think we were,” Koppel said, in an understatement. The Left always cites Fox News in this regard. He singled out the Washington Post and the New York Times, saying that they have gone overboard in their bias, transforming themselves into anti-Trump advocates. “We are not talking about the Washington Post [or New York Times] of 50 years ago,” Koppel said. “We’re talking about organizations that . . . have decided, as organizations, that Donald J. Trump is bad for the United States.”

Both papers have in effect declared a state of emergency because of Trump and have granted themselves the editorial equivalent of dictatorial powers. Doing so may be as ill-advised with newspapers as with elected officials. When journalists don’t consider themselves bound to old norms of objectivity, there comes an absence of restraint that is inherently corrupting. The morning story conference takes on the atmosphere of a rally of zealots. The newspaper becomes the Pequod: President Trump is the white whale.


Go here to read the rest.  When reporters went from trying to nail a story to getting the ideology right, journalism became propaganda.  What is happening to mainstream media under Trump is merely a difference in degree and not of kind.

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  1. “When journalists don’t consider themselves bound to old norms of objectivity, there comes an absence of restraint that is inherently corrupting…”

  2. Out of evil comes a greater good. If nothing else but honest people now doubting they can trust anything the MSM promotes as the truth, than the diabolical shall have lost a major battle.

  3. Why the Mainstream Media is Dying
    Because the truth is not found in them anymore. They’ve become the false prophet of the secular world.

  4. During the 2016 campaign, Trump, in his Rabelaisian manner, said something about being able to “literally” murder someone on the street and get away with it. I suspect that is now true. And not just literally. I think Trump could play Nguyen Ngoc Loan to some antifa guy’s Nguyen Van Lem and accuse the media of making the whole thing up with digital smoke and mirrors, have half the country believe him. And after the way the media ‘s behaved, who could fault them?

  5. forgot the scare quotes on the second literally. Shoulda just said figuratively.

    Pardon the Trumpism

  6. Because more and more Americans are awakening to reality. About 96% of them are agenda driven dummies and all they have are lies.

    A small sample:
    Duke Lacrosse Team Rape = Lie
    UVA Frat Rape = Lie
    Steele Dossier = Lie
    Donald Jr. emails = Lie
    Kavanaugh HS Rape = Lie
    Covington Children = Lie
    Muslim Chics Scarves Snapped = Lie
    Every Campus Noose = Lie
    Jussie Smollett = Lie
    Russia Collusion = Lie

  7. You forgot the granddaddy of all the seriousness of the accusation “investigative” lies: George H.W. Bush took a night train SR-71 to Paris to keep the Ayatollah from releasing the Embassy hostages before the 1980 election.

    Then there’s the whole every Republican to the right of Eisenhower is Hitler thing. Not to mention the whole [insert name of Democrat here] is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful person I know vibe.

  8. I began reading the editorial section of the Akron Beacon Journal when I was a kid. It carried Washington Post columnists. Way back then, I thought MaryMcCrory and Richard Cohen were leftist dolts.
    I moved to the DC area in 1988 and the Compost’s bias became all to clear in all aspects, including the comics and local news. Not that the Compost was universally loved…it carried on a War with Marion Barry for years.
    Norman Schwatrzkopf’s sister lived in the DC area. He had this to say about her: “She believes everything she reads in the Post.”.
    As a former Democrat Party house organ, the Post has never changed it’s views much. There was one good columnist Dr. Gridlock. DC has no interstate highway running through it. All such highways in the District end. This leads to traffic snarls and awful congestion. The good Doctor provided a forum for commuters to blow off steam and even make suggestions for improvements that…were ultimately ignored.
    The Post is advocacy, activism, ideology…..but not journalism.

  9. “The newspaper becomes the Pequod: President Trump is the white whale.” Ahab is the MSM who self destruct due to Trump derangement syndrome. But they will never admit it and would rather be dead than wrong.

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