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News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


CHICAGO, IL—All charges against Jussie Smollett for faking a hate crime against himself have been dropped after the Empire actor and well-respected employer of Nigerians used the “I have a lot of money” defense in court.

Smollett’s legal team argued that while his alleged crimes were bad, on the other hand, he has a lot of money. The legal strategy is known as the “Chicago Special” to locals. It’s a standard procedure used in Cook County.

“Yes, Mr. Smollett’s behavior does seem to warrant punishment,” his attorney said in a special hearing before a judge. “But you also have to consider the fact that he’s rich. Furthermore, he has money. And also, did I mention that he is absolutely loaded with cold, hard cash?”

“This concludes my arguments,” she said.

The attorney then pulled out a bag of money and tossed it in the general direction of Chicago’s finest judges and prosecutors, who made a mad dive for the cash while Smollett walked out a free man.

Go here to read the rest.  Ah corruption and influence, ever the true Chicago Way.  A few questions from an old defense attorney come to mind about this farce:


  1. How can the States Attorney, the Soros funded Kimberly Foxx, recuse herself from the case and then decide to disrecuse herself?  In 37 years at the bar, I have never heard of that being done before.
  2. What, if any, ex parte, conversations occurred between the judge handling the case and Foxx?
  3. What about the reports that Jussie Smollett “allies”, including Tina Tchen, former chief of staff to former First Lady Michele Obama, asked Foxx to intervene in the case?
  4. What, if anything, did Foxx gain by this “favor” to Smollett?
  5. Why did the trial judge seal the records of the case?  Normally this would not be granted without a separate hearing with notice sent to the State Police and the arresting authority, the Chicago Police Department.
  6. Will the Smollett Defense be granted to other accused felons willing to part with a sum of cash and do some minuscule “community service”?
  7. Normally in a plea agreement like this the Defendant would admit his guilt as part of the plea agreement.  Why was Smollett allowed to immediately proclaim his innocence to the media?
  8. Why did Foxx earlier attempt to take the case from the Chicago PD and have the FBI take over the investigation?
  9. Does Foxx usually exchange e-mails with members of an accused felon’s family as she did in the Smollett case?
  10. Is R.Kelly’s legal team warming up the Smollett Defense?

Welcome to Chicago.  This town stinks like a whorehouse at low tide.

Jim Malone (Sean Connery), The Untouchables screenplay


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  1. (spoken with mafioso accent)
    “Somebody impotent don’t want da history of this bull—- all over da internet after the president has jus been cleared of treason, da optics would be bad for the families, and that’s the Chicago wayyy.”

  2. Bill Clinton unexpectedly meets AG Loretta Lynch at Sky Harbor… big deal. Remember?

    That’s what this is…no big deal.
    Conflict of interest be damned.
    Rules only apply to those who don’t fit the liberal mindset. For goodness sakes, Smollett’s example will now be honored and praised. A role model if you will.
    A spectacular Liar for good. For National Socialists everywhere this news is a banner moment. A Proud moment.
    Call it Gay Pride.

  3. Next time some woke, intersectionalist cry-bully starts babbling about white-privilege, just tell ’em “Jesse Smollup.”

  4. Hoping Don or another dissident in the Free Democratic Socialist People’s Republic of Illinois can help me remember: didn’t a bunch of judges in Cook County/Chicago get swept up in a bribery scandal 10, 15 (20?) years ago?

  5. Do innocent victims always forfeit their bond after they’ve been charged with a crime?
    And the little boy who cried wolf should realize if he is ever a victim of a real crime in Chicago he’s going to have a hard time finding a cop to help him out.

  6. ken.

    Good point. Little boy might wish he could grow eyes on the back of his head incase true evildoers visit him some night. Might scare him straight though.
    Stranger things have happened.

  7. I’m not Catholic but I could have had Catholic ancesters according to Ancestry and 23
    and Me.
    Rahm Emanuel is a close confidant of former POTUS Obama.
    Therein lies the answer

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