Velociraptors Ate the Green New Deal

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  1. Primary those Gaia hating climate-change deniers! Do it for the children you’re not having! Save the planet.

  2. EXTRA! EXTRA! The idiotic, lying media faults the GOP and Trump.

    Every time this happens I want to vote twice for President Donald J. Trump.

  3. The vote forced a show of who does NOT support the green deal: All of AOC’s colleagues, all of them voted present and not ONE vote ‘yea’ to support AOC. AOC is a major problem for the dems. It is a problem of their own making.

  4. The fact they would support their own initiatives should give us hope that Democrats haven’t gone completely insane.

  5. Another comment. The Green New Deal, instead of penalizing fossil fuel, actually enables profit for fossil fuel while killing the ONLY emissions-free baseload source of electrical power – nuclear. And environmentalists have been doing this for decades since the late 60s when Jerry Brown of California got his start. Read about this corruption here:

    The Dirty Secret Of Renewables Advocates Is That They Protect Fossil Fuel Interests, Not The Climate

    Donald McClarey, if I may petition you,  one day you must put your vast history expertise to use on this issue and give us all the low-down. I am sure you will uncover things that Michael Shellenberg and Patrick Moore haven’t.

    The Green New Deal isn’t about saving the environment, but about empowering useless, worthless politicians and profiting corporate socialism. That’s not the free market (true capitalism), but a dictatorship of incest between power-mad politicians and ultra-greedy business executives addicted to the teat of the public treasury. Their goal is to fleece every bit of wealth from and stymie every bit of free speech by honest entrepreneurs and the working man in the middle class.

  6. The Green New Deal isn’t about saving the environment, but about empowering useless, worthless politicians and profiting corporate socialism. T

    Kinda noticed that whatever the issue is, soi-disant environmentalists are forever telling you not to have more than 1 kid, not to drive your car, not to eat bacon, and to feast on oddly expensive and unattractive vegetables as well as heavy, stale, and unpalatable bread.

    It’s almost as if the whole point is to rebuke and harass people with ordinary tastes and preferences.

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