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National Guard Changes Logo Due to Failure of American Education System

Franklin C. Annis



On March 25th, the National Guard Bureau officially announced new branding for recruiting. The traditional “Minuteman” logo will no longer appear on recruiting materials. It was reported that the image did not “resonate” with 16-18-year-old high school students because of lack of knowledge of the historic symbol. Concerns were also expressed that iconic figure from American history wasn’t “inclusive.” Furthermore, due to “no tolerance” policies concerning the display of images of firearms in schools, the traditional Minuteman logo could not be displayed due to inclusion of an 18th century flintlock rifle. Now the National Guard will be represented by a lackluster shield shaped black logo with white and gold lettering. The new recruiting videos will focus primarily on the National Guard’s domestic mission of natural disaster relief.



I am absolutely appalled by the failure of the American Public Education system. When high school graduates don’t even know they live in a Republic and not a Direct Democracy, the education system has failed to the highest degree. What does it mean to th Army to have citizens swear a blood-oath to the U.S. Constitution upon enlistment while being ignorant of the symbol of the minuteman?


Go here to read the disgusting rest.  A country at war with its past has no future.

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  1. Unglaublich. Gott Sei dankt dass Wir Dem Weltkrieg Sieg gehabt. Als Wir alles Deutschen Sprache Lernen müßen haben.

    (Don’t be a grammar scold, I haven’t tried to put a sentence into the subjunctive mood in almost twenty years)

  2. “I am absolutely appalled by the failure of the American Public Education system.”

    Rubbish. It has succeeded beyond its wildest dreams.

  3. They’re successful at producing agenda-driven dummies that literally know nothing – what they think they know is false.

    Blame 100+ years of leftists’ control over public education. “It is in the interest of tyrants to reduce people to ignorance and vice.” Samuel Adams. In 2019, many among the population can’t comprehend the basics of history, government, and life, much less the complexities. They Are Loud, Proud, and Stupid.

    24 Jan 2019, S.G. Cheah, “The origin of this failure has its roots in the failure of the American public education system. We have reached the apex of the intellect’s destruction by the American schools and the results are what we can observe in the public’s inability to communicate properly. . . . The poisonous climate of public discourse we are witnessing online and on social media is merely the most explicitly observable symptom of this failure in education.” Seeking to inflame rather than to educate/inform.

  4. It’s not just the Army doing this, Greg. Women are now on fast attack and Boomer submarines! Imagine being a woman in an enclosed metal tube hundreds of feet beneath the surface for months on end. Equality in dignity is NOT equality in function! Liberals think this crap embraces diversity, tolerance and inclusion, but it demeans and disrespects anything that is noble, august and virtuous – changing logos to appeal to millennials, putting women on submarines, allowing women in the Air Force to wear hajibs, etc. Even in my industry – nuke power – there is serious talk about replacing displays and controls to make them more like the tablet and smart phone screens millennials play with because that’s all they’re accustomed to. The tried and true displays and controls whose electronics are impervious to cyber security threats we’ll trash can because these useless worthless millennial snowflakes can’t function unless they have a touch screen with gender neutral ions to play with. Heck, you can’t call electrical cable connectors male and female any longer because some freaking transgendered sex pervert will get offended. I am beyond disgusted.

  5. All military branches are in a race as to which one of them can be the most diverse and accepting of all enlistees and as politically correct as a military branch can be. This society has made it very difficult for reason and commonsense to reign when lawsuits hide behind every corner ready to pounce if even the slightest hint of inequality or discrimination rears its ugly head.

    Industries like yours do not have to change displays because that’s all millennials play with. If that is why they plan on changing things then they underestimate the intelligence of the employees they intend to hire. If the prospects cannot learn the current displays and dials they have no right to be working in a nuclear environment. Like many companies today they bend over backwards to appear as if they are progressives, “See? Where hip too! We have all the cool buttons!”. And no. I cannot accept that the majority of the enlistees are millennial snowflakes. What snowflake you know that would work for the big, bad nuclear industry? Blame those that will allow and have allowed these changes to come about.

  6. I remember having a heated discussion with my father-in-law years ago in which he would always whine, complain and look upon the baby boomers as a useless bunch of hippies who wreaked havoc on our institutions and were lazy, greedy and just wanted handouts. I agreed with him that I wasn’t enthralled with how many of my generation turned out but I asked him a series of questions that finally put a cap on the debate.
    I asked him which generation brought us into the world. I asked him which generation taught in in our schools. I asked him which generation were spurring college students to protest on campus’s across the country. I asked which generation made the laws during our youth. I asked which generation created the Great Society in the early sixties with all the welfare and medicare.

    My last question was which generation was responsible for raising my generation. He didn’t bother answering me, because he knew I was right. I will not shake off my own generations’ responsibility either because it is OUR generation that has given rise to the millennials.

  7. I don’t blame the education system. I blame the Army for capitulating to this.

    What’s distressing is that certain segments of the society used to be immune to the kultursmog, protective services foremost among them. Thirty years ago, you’d have expected the humbug about ‘inclusiveness’ from school apparatchiks or the lesser sort of clergyman (it was a favored locution of the quite hopeless Episcopal Bishop of Rochester). Now we’re getting it from flag-rank military. It all makes you wanna holler.


  8. It’s worth noting that this is why I advised my son to consider a different path toward law enforcement. He was planning on joining the military after school. While I would never discourage that (and once upon a time, would have encouraged it – as I regret being the first healthy male in my family not to join), today I suggested that the things the military used to emphasize and value might not be what they do today.

  9. LQC, I am well aware that the Army has no patent on political correctness in the military. Over the last thirty four years in the employ of the Navy, which includes eight years of active duty, I have seen some of the worst social experimentation. When I was serving in the fleet from the mid 1980s to the early 1990s, auxiliary ships like submarine and destroyer tenders were the only ships women could serve aboard and that itself was a disaster for the Navy. Allowing women to serve aboard combatant ships is an even worse disaster to say nothing of submarines.

    Run of the hazing that took place thirty years ago like pink bellies and tacking on crows will land you in the brig today.

    Social experimentation is the greatest threat to military readiness today, bar none. I’ve been saying that for years.

  10. I wish I had an answer to this. I don’t.
    I could offer Poland as an example of what we ought to be in terms of patriotism. Leftism is generally despised there (actually, except for the pointy heads in a few cities, Leftism is loathed).

  11. Mr. Griffey I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But law enforcement is as plagued by political correctness and social experimentation as the military.

  12. Yes, he sees that already. But compared to what he witnessed in the news and from the top down in the military, there still seems to be a ‘we have to be real here’ attitude when it comes to the actual training. The military increasingly comes off as if it would much rather appeal to the latest pressures of the Left than concern itself with things like training for anything other than not being disliked by the people that matter. At least on a regional level, that’s what he’s noticed.

  13. At least in civilian law enforcement, you can quit and find another job as opposed to waiting until your enlistment expires in the military.

  14. Ordinary Catholic,

    I mostly agree with what you wrote with this exception: “What snowflake you know that would work for the big, bad nuclear industry?”

    I cannot speak in details and mention the names of people or companies. But there is one nuclear company where two white 60 year old men (who knew the ins and outs of the entire nuclear industry) were dismissed from marketing and replaced with snowflake women because they look better as the face and mouthpiece of the company. The company’s focus became solely focused on climate change nonsense, and promoting women (particularly millennials) in nuclear whether they were qualified or not. These feminists are chosen to go to conference after conference on global warming and gender equality nonsense, selling not single new reactor. Even the Nuclear Energy Institute is a part of this idiocy. Its head is a woman and her communications director is a woman, and one of their latest talks on the internet was about woman equality in nuclear. Ask yourself – where are the men? Why is the head of the US Nuclear Energy Institute, and the head of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the head of UK’s Office of Nuclear Regulation, and the head of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission all women? WHY?! Why are men being shoved out of positions of authority? There’s even a women in nuclear outfit (imagine if we had a men in nuclear outfit to celebrate Enrico Fermi, Alvin Weinberg and Adm. Hyman Rickover, without whom there would be NO nuclear power!):


    And there’s an outfit in nuclear run by millennial snowflakes promoting climate change nonsense called Generation Atomic:


    Nuclear companies routinely host meetings for these people, and have fully bought into the climate change, gender equality idiocy because it’s politically correct. Yet the mainstream enviro-wackoes like Greenpeace and the Sierra Club reject them outright, and AOC and Bernie Sanders won’t ever make nuclear a part of the Green New Deal no matter how much nuclear companies ingratiate themselves with the enviro-nazis.

    I’m freaking sick of it. Yes, the best engineer I ever worked with was a woman – the diesel generator system engineer at a Westinghouse PWR. But she was best because she was a real blood and guts ENGINEER who went out in the field to work with the maintenance mechanics and electricians to fix broken stuff and get the system running right before the NRC would hammer us for unreliability in safety-related backup power capability. I work with highly qualified women and men, Christians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists, even gays and of course straights. Most of us just want to do a good job so we can see our dream of the first advanced passively safe reactor built. But I can’t stand marrying that laudable goal to this political correctness climate change, gender equality stupidity that fires qualified people just because they are 60 year old white men, and replaces them with millennial snowflake feminists.

    One other thing. In a certain nuclear company it was said that senior management would openly speak disparagingly of Trump. They wished Hillary had won because they figured that would have made more MORE money available from the US DOE over climate change fears. It was said that they even had a web site on the company intranet devoted to the Democrat Party till a complaint made them take it down. Indeed at a prior (and different) company I had to go through re-training for gender correctness. I kept on failing the test because I insisted there were only two genders and marriage is between man and woman. Yes, it’s gotten that bad. A friend who works for a major bank told me he left that bank and went to work for his brother because all of corporate America is like this now. It’s not just nuclear. Things have changed. If Trump loses in 2020, we’re screwed. It’s that simple.

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