Just Because

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There’s a time for penance, and there’s a time for partridge. Saint Teresa of Avila   The life of St. Teresa, written

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  1. Thank you for sharing that clip of that concert. Truly beautiful stuff. I noticed that the group playing is all young people too. Maybe there’s a spark of hope. I guess there always is hope.

  2. How can one doubt the existence of God when the intricacies of the human mind are so evidently, divinely created with such beauty and grace to produce something as this piece.

    To those who believe creation was a natural and random event without divine origin: You are asking me to believe that you can blow up a house with 20 tons of dynamite and when the pieces finally fall to the ground every size of wood, every nail, every shingle, every pipe, all the wire, all the window glass, everything falls back to earth whole again and in their own separate piles according to kind and size, all randomly, all naturally…all without God. Really? That takes more faith than I can muster thank you very much!

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