Quotes Suitable for Framing: Lucid Ideas

“Once again, for the record and all together now…

…It is not that Trump is necessarily so smart it is that these people are so absolutely god awful. As Glenn Reynolds likes to say, “We have the worst political class in American History,” shot through with undeserved and possibly unearned privilege and expertise and NOT JUST NOW being revealed with his election, but replete with hundreds if not thousands of examples of this faux-elitism on both sides of the aisle for multiple decades.

Trump is not Alexander, and these people are not the ‘Gordian Knot’. They have the complexity of a shoelace, and Trump is the zero-f****-to-give 14 year old boy running around with it untied on a soccer field with zero opposition scoring goal after goal.

Einstein HE isn’t. Dumb-and-dumber THEY are.”

Lucid Ideas-Commenter at Althouse blog



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  1. In DISC personality theory, Trump (DI)^2.
    He’s a driver with influence, squared.
    As a rule DI’s are: not into the details that’s for the team to figure out, they’re the leader, expect loyalty above all and can be loyal to a fault to the people they employ, can be immature, are the persons who stand up and say what everyone is thinking but are afraid to say, act on gut instinct, expect results, are tireless, gain rest from working 16 hours a day, acting on gut instinct and expecting results they learn as they age that in doing the right thing (not necessarily moral but right) at the right moment gives results, they are decision based like sharks swimming forward with their team for direction, they don’t apologize for having made the best the decision the could in the past moment because they always always try to make the best decision (get it), always forward, they scare the hell out of envious people in power, can shake the very foundations of a ripe incompetence.

    Trump is the very definition of DI and the perfect guy for the moment.
    Not a genius. In spite of all his warts I believe he’s God sent. That’s the Genius.

  2. I listened to his rally last night, well…for a period of time anyway, and I saw a man who seemed to take a long, deep breath after holding it for 2 years. Not because of any wrong doing because if anyone knew, he knew he hadn’t done any wrong that Mueller was investigating but relieved that Mueller hadn’t concocted some evidence that simply wasn’t there. He knew the left knew no bounds when it came to hating him.

    I’m sure Trump shocked a few people in the name calling, character(less) painting of his enemies as sick and evil and oh my! the Democrat bull*hit they’ve spewed since he’s been elected. As a Catholic I have to admit it’s not a speech that I would have given in such unsavory details and an eye for an eye type way, however, as I’ve said before, I didn’t vote for a saint but for a patriotic man who loved his country and wanted to steer it back on the right track and try to place God back in a place of prominence in the country. He was placed in the White House by God.

    If the left/democrats/media were shocked by how Donald Trump characterized them they really shouldn’t have been. They asked for everything he gave them last night.

  3. I don’t know why, but I really like that video. I think Trump should wear that costume to that silly, self-important correspondent’s dinner they do.

    Or maybe just dress up like Alec Baldwin. But that might be too meta.

  4. Trump is gifted with brilliant intuition, a bright mind, and supreme confidence in his own judgement based on years of success. Lee Iacoca, who was a friend of Trump, was the same way. I was at his first meeting with Chrysler executives when we were on the brink of bankruptcy. I left the meeting with an very elevated feeling knowing that we would not only be saved, but win.

  5. One more thing. Trump’s management style is similar to Iacocca’s in some ways. All of the tweets, name calling, firing, pitting one group against another are designed to keep things churning, uncertain, and result fluid and unexpected reactions. This Stress Management style allows Trump to be in control as it is only he who creates and controls the chaos. Unfortunately, such people cannot tolerate those who stand up to them.

  6. Donald Trump is underestimated. Even now, he is underestimated. I beg to differ with Glenn Reynolds. Donald Trump is a lot smarter than the Democrats or the Deep State will ever give him credit for.

    Glenn Reynolds never managed a large real estate/hotel/casino conglomerate, and I doubt if he has the smarts to do so. I couldn’t do it. For all that has been made of Trump being married three times, he has done an excellent job of raising his kids. His oldest son, Donald Jr., is extremely bright and well spoken. When it comes to his political adversaries, he rarely strikes first, but he does hit back and he hits back hard. This really peeves off the milquetoast Deep Staters who thing that “the President should be above name-calling”. Look at what trump has to ignore. If I were President, I would want to fly to Los Angeles, wrap my fist in aluminum foil like the Hanson Brothers in Slap Shot and go to pound Stephen Colbert to within an inch of his life.

    The Democrats and the Deep Staters have never been all that smart. They lie with impunity and have for decades. The difference, now, there is a President who is willing to hit back hard and make them look like the fools that they are.

    The “crudeness” of Trump’s words, or whatever you want to call it, is nothing to the lewdness of Bill Clinton actions in the Oval Office.
    JFK and LBJ were horridly behaved as well.

    Trump is not, never has been and will never be a polished politician. I don’t care. It takes giant sized, well, you know what, to run for President with zero political experience and win the damned thing.

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