Biden and White Male Culture


I confess that I would pay a fair amount of money to witness a debate between President Trump and Joe Biden.  It would be the most one sided contest since Godzilla v. Bambi.  Biden has begun his campaign to get the Democrat nomination by attacking his sex and race:

“This is English jurisprudential culture — a white man’s culture,” Biden said, describing how people think the “rule of thumb” was a law that allowed husbands to beat their wives with sticks no thicker than their thumbs.

“It’s got to change,” he repeated.

Describing sexual assault, Biden claimed it was “about the abuse of power.”

“It’s not about sex,” he said. “It’s about power. The most insidious abuse of power of all. And right now we live in a culture where the abuse of power is allowed to penetrate the highest offices of government, where it lives in board rooms and global corporations, and it poisons entire industries — from Hollywood to hotel workers. It pushes down women all around the world.”

Biden spoke for more than a half hour during Tuesday’s event, which was held at the Russian Tea Room in Manhattan. He repeatedly condemned violence against women throughout his speech.

“No man has a right to lay a hand on a woman, no matter what she’s wearing, she does, who she is…Never,” Biden said. “If you see a brother taking an inebriated co-ed up the stairs at a fraternity house and you don’t go and stop it, you’re a damn coward. You don’t deserve to be called a man.”

Go here to read the rest.  Leave aside for the moment that the “rule of thumb” that Biden cites is a feminist myth, and that as William Blackstone noted in the Eighteenth Century in his Commentaries English women could swear out peace bonds against their husbands as early as 1600, and that women in the West have always had far more rights than women anyplace else on the globe, the ironic thing is that this is being spouted by Joe Biden, who has an endless record of groping women, as Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit, notes:


CREEPY UNCLE JOE: Democrat Makes #MeToo Claim Against Joe Biden: He Smelled Me and Kissed My Head. “Flores said that pictures of Biden touching other women inappropriately made it more difficult to keep silent, referring to Biden nuzzling the neck of Secretary of Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s wife, kissing Sen. Chuck Grassley’s wife on the lips, whispering in women’s ears, and snuggling women on the campaign trail.”

Flashback: It’s time to talk about former Vice President Joe Biden, the open sexual predator.

Biden Swims Naked, Upsetting Female Secret Service Agents:

“Agents say that, whether at the vice president’s residence or at his home in Delaware, Biden has a habit of swimming in his pool nude,” Kessler writes in the book – due for release Aug. 5.

“Female Secret Service agents find that offensive,” he writes.

“Biden likes to be revered as everyday Joe,” an unnamed agent told Kessler. “But the reality is no agents want to go on his detail because Biden makes agents’ lives so tough.”

Plus: Washington Post: What Are We Going To Do About Creepy Uncle Joe Biden?


Go here to read the rest.  Biden has always struck me as having a fairly tenuous contact with reality.  In the age of Me Too and the triumph of Identity Politics in the Democrat Party, it is intensely comical to see his attempts, at age 76, to remake himself, and his obvious assumption that everyone else will consign his personal history to the oblivion hole that Biden has used throughout his life to stuff his prior positions into.

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  1. Seriously, Biden’s “snuggles” past will put a damper on his bid to the White House and if that happens the Dems have NO one of any decent caliber to present as presidential material. Liarwatha is toast, Harris has too many skeletons hiding in the bedrooms she’s frequented during her career, Booker isn’t white enough to be Spartacus, AOC was lobotomized long ago, Beto is an Hispanic fraud etc…see what I mean? MAGA!

  2. One problem we have as a country is that public office tends to be allocated to people who know how to ‘work a room’. The trouble is, some of them have little else in their quiver. Biden and Ted Kennedy are fairly gross examples of what happens when all you’ve got is a certain sort of people skill.

    Our lying media made sport of Dan Quayle, who has certain points in common with Biden. What differentiates them is character. Quayle, for all his shortcomings, isn’t a motormouth braggart. (While we’re at it, none of his children are known to fleece investors, use street drugs, or bang their relatives).

    Biden, you’ll recall, was a promoter of the Violence Against Women Act. After it passed, Andrea Dworkin (whose thinking was reflected therein) is supposed to said she figured that members of Congress don’t actually read what they vote on, and that was helpful in that circumstance.

    He’s only been called to account once, and that was when he appropriated Neil Kinnock’s biography and family history. That was a fraud so strange and so thorough it should have been sufficient to run him out of public life.

  3. Someone should tell Biden this well worn analogy in terms he may or may not understand- that the “rule of thumb” was a law that required non-specific gender people to take the stick out of their eye (no thicker than their thumbs) before they pointed to the splinter in their brothers eye…I mean sisters eye. I mean non-specific gender siblings eye. The concept still applies Mr Biden.

  4. Biden is breathtakingly dumb. He puts his paws on women, lies incessantly and is meaner than a rabid dog. The people of Delaware who voted for him are as dumb as he is.
    Trump would skewer him in a debate. The problem is, if Biden gets the Dhimmycrat nomination, he could flip Pennsylvania. Biden us from Scranton. The anthracite coal country is loyal to its own. Bob Casey becomes aware of his own existence once every six years and it’s enough for him to be Senator for Life.

  5. A debate between DaDonald and Gropes Biden would be the pay-per-view event of the century. Trump, for all his policy positives, is still something of a blowhard. In terms of a debate, there would be no better a stylistic matchup than he and Biden.

  6. Have a body-language expert(s) explain the meaning of Gentleman Joe’s “moves’ on all of these women and young girls who he has publicly groped over the DECADES—-I leave it at that—

  7. Why is it that God’s gift to women are so infatuated with themselves that they loose all senses of common decency?

    The Secret Service should receive hazard pay on top of their salary when Jose’ goes for a dip. Especially the female agents.

    Call it Junket duty.

  8. Democrats got nobody to successfully to run against Trump. They are all weirdos, some more than others, some better than others. Now Biden is a bad weirdo, a creep. Bernie? Not so bad.

  9. “Why is it that God’s gift to women are so infatuated with themselves that they loose all senses of common decency?”

    *sighs….* Philip I’ve asked that of myself so many times yet I can’t seem to break this infatuation…I’m working on it this Lent. Pray for me.

  10. “Why is it that God’s gift to women are so infatuated with themselves that they loose all senses of common decency?”
    because they are without God.

  11. “Why is it that God’s gift to women are so infatuated with themselves that they loose all senses of common decency?”
    Not sure if you would call them “Gods gift to women”, more like slimy pests. And the charm only works on women who are also only infatuated with themselves.

  12. “because they are without God.”

    I think your correct Mary. Catholic politicians who support abortion on demand are not Catholic in good standing. They proclaim themselves friends of God, receive the Eurchrist as if they are in complete communion with God and Holy Catholic Church, yet they can not have it both ways and expect salvation.
    The biggest deception is self-deception.
    To know oneself is to be humbled before the Lord, to be truly contrite for sins committed, to be made low. Groping and fondling and exposing oneself is not what I’d call humility. Joe has a long way to go.
    He is going to be prayed for today.
    He is God’s child too. Worthy of prayer.

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