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I saw Unplanned with my wife and son yesterday.  It is a superb film and I will be writing a full review later this week.  The film is a hit with an opening weekend of six million on a six million dollar budget.  What I find interesting is the furor over the film.  None of the major networks would accept ads about the film other than Fox.  The reviews have been generally scathing and barely conceal the fact that they are attacking its film because of its pro-life message.  The reviewer for Forbes noted:

This movie was not made for me. I have utilized Planned Parenthood for emergency birth control in the past, and fully believe their portrayal here as a company whose employees mostly genuinely enjoy having lots of abortions happen is nasty propaganda. I can’t say I’m shocked that it was directed by Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon, the duo who wrote the angrily confrontational first two God’s Not Dead movies (and pointedly not the more conciliatory third one); I can say I’m shocked they didn’t dredge up the straw corpse of Margaret Sanger among their talking points. Like the God’s installments and so many faith-based features, Unplanned ultimately posits the most bland whiteness as the ultimate signal of Christian goodness, though Bratcher seems a decent actress and can certainly cry believably on cue.

Give him an A for honesty and an F as a film reviewer.

The Variety reviewer got a lot of pushback from the comboxes.

On Rotten Tomatoes the reviews are 53% negative while 93% of responding film viewers like the film.

The Twitter account of the film was “mysteriously” suspended by Twitter for a time on its opening weekend.

If anyone doubts that abortion is the Holy of Holies  for the Left, the reaction to this film should dispel all doubt.

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  1. Gollum’s of today cherish the unabated taking of human life, babies mind you, at the point of pure madness. “Precious ” is not the life of the fetus, but the act of murder associated with abortion.

    I see the culture of death. I see it smiling as it sinks into the bowels of Mordor.

    That is the future of the liberal party.

    Precious in it’s disregard for innocent human life.
    Precious is it’s hatred for God.
    Precious is it’s ritual to call good bad and bad good.

    The damned will welcome them home.

    Too bad.
    Many are our neighbors and family.
    Good people with very poor judgement.
    Good people with out God can justify almost every atrocity known to man.
    High fiction to them.
    More high fiction.

    St Joseph, pray for us.

  2. btw…we are promoting Unplanned at all of the candlelight vigils on April 13th.
    Again, checkout #protestpp to find a death camp near you.
    Prayers to end abortion will not cease until the dragon is under the heel of Our Blessed Mother. Her victory is promised.
    Help us out, won’t you?

  3. My husband and I saw this movie Saturday night at a private screening for local parishes. I have been pro life my entire life, and I wept during the abortion at the beginning. My heart broke and I almost fled the theater in pain at what I had just seen. I wept again during the baby shower held at PP right after forty women had undergone their abortions.

    I belong to my parish pro life committee and pray outside of Planned Parenthood in my town. I also go pray outside the only PP where abortions still occur in Missouri and this movie only encourages me to do more.

    The acting was stellar- the two leads, portraying Abby and her PP boss Cheryl, were simply perfect. Most will praise both as terrific, but also most will overlook how powerful a performance the actress who portrayed the PP boss truly was. She portrayed intrinsic evil just with her screen presence- understated and truly the mistress of lies. The actress who portrayed the protagonist was also superb and showed the path towards redemption fully and without histrionics or over acting- her road to Damascus was real, which is why she is a real threat to PP>

    Thank God for this movie.

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