PopeWatch: April Fool?

Imagine what daily courage it takes to be part of a tiny Christian minority in an Islamic country.  Then imagine the Pope comes to your land and says something like this:

Pope Francis on Sunday warned Catholics in Morocco against trying to convert others to boost their small numbers, during a rare visit by a pontiff to the North African country.

Speaking in Rabat’s cathedral on his second day in the Moroccan capital, Francis insisted trying to convert people to one’s own belief “always leads to an impasse”.

“Please, no proselytism!” he told an audience of around 400, who greeted the pope’s arrival by ululating and applauding, while hundreds more gathered outside the cathedral.

Christians are a tiny minority in Morocco where 99 percent of the population is Muslim, with sub-Saharan Africans making up a large part of the country’s 30,000-strong Catholic community.

Islam is the state religion and authorities are keen to stress the country’s “religious tolerance” which allows Christians and Jews to worship freely.

But Moroccans are automatically considered Muslim if they are not born into the Jewish community, apostasy is socially frowned upon, and proselytising is criminalised.

Go here to read the rest.  We have a completely worthless Pope.  No Pope would be far preferable to him.  PopeWatch wishes this were an April Fool joke, but it is merely part of the bad April Fool’s joke Catholics have been living in since 2013.

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  1. He is not Christian. He does not preach Christ crucified. He is the pied piper of his own belief system where he is God, a system he continually tries to convert others to. This also makes him a hypocrite.

  2. Well, this certainly is at odds with another article I read that Pope Frank said the Moroccans needed to protect religious freedom. The above is undoubtedly more accurate.

  3. Everything we need to know about the current decline.

    I once again am reminded of the story the youth worker told. When asking a gathering of youth why so many young ones are abandoning Christianity, one of them answered to the point: because adults don’t believe it anymore either.

  4. Two age old rhetorical questions, only one still stands.
    “Does a bear — in the woods?… Is the Pope catholic?”

    Father of Seven, you hit the nail on the head. Thank you.
    I find I must resort to humor, as a matter of maintaining my sanity.

  5. Thank God frankie didn’t enter into existence at the beginning of Christendom. We might all be Muslim.

    (Peter principle at work here regarding Frank….just a thought. 🙂 )

    The Peter principle wouldn’t account for that entire cabal that inserted this man into office and sits in silent approval while he stands the faith “as handed down by the Apostles” on its head.

  7. Where to begin. Let me first say that many things that our Pope has said and taught in the past has troubled me for lack of a better word. Never in my life have I ever witnessed people falling over each other trying to explain what the Pope REALLY meant or what he IS trying to say instead of taking the Pope’s words at face value. That in itself is troubling but where do we, the laity, fit in as far as what our own words say in reference to the leader of our Church? The Vicar of Christ?

    I read comments by Catholics about the Pope and sometimes I wonder if we are talking about the same man. I’m talking about all the Catholic blogs that I trust and with which I generally agree. We cannot say that Francis is not the rightful claiment to the Seat of Peter. The Holy Spirit either willed Francis or allowed Francis to be elected the Vicar of Christ, so when I read comments that to me seem to be on the verge of disparaging the Spirits choice it scares the hell out of me. The whole college of Cardinals accepted the election of Francis as Pope whether they voted for him or not. The final result is the total acceptence of Pope Francis since 2013. You are not going to change that, for better or for worse.

    I and other Catholics as well have not always believed or said things that are faithful to what the Church’s teaches at sometime in our life but with God’s grace we have come to see our error and hopefully learned the truth. Pope Francis is not infallible in every little word he utters. Does he seem to misspeak? He sure does. Does he seem to misspeak a lot? Again, he sure seems too. Does he say things that we know are wrong and that he truly said it without a media censor? Yes he has on occassion but we all have. Yes, I know. He is the Pope and he should know better but there it is. He has weaknesses as we all do.

    I get a real pit in my stomach when we Catholics, and I include myself in this, say things that if anything disrespects the Pope. I don’t have to believe anything he says if my conscience tells me different and I have enough knowledge about the subject to make a discernment. I may not like him or his methods but he is pope. He is Catholic. No Catholic is perfect. Not one. My only message to all of us is this. It was sage advice Gamelial then and I believe it is also for our time in history: ACTS:5: 35- 39

  8. As Catholics we need a leader we can look up for strength and guidance, particularly in these times. I miss St JP2. So inspirational and challenging in his words and writings. It’s very difficult to accept that Pope Francis wants us to yield to the world instead of offering us his strength and guidance. The world already lacks inspirational and strong leaders…but our Pope…it just drives home the great divide we Catholics are feeling within and it is almost as if our Faith is being forced underground.

  9. Given the hard left make up of practically all of the world’s episcopate, which includes an overwhelming majority of “orthodox” bishops, who use Alinskyite tactics to smear those they disagree with to advance an open borders, anti-death penalty, pro-gun control agenda, the only thing that surprises me about a Peronist like Bergoglio getting elected is that it didn’t happen sooner.

    And those who continue to defend or refuse speak out about or defend these disgraceful prelates have no moral right to pitch a bitch about this pope!

  10. Agreed Ezabelle, but my argument is and has been that he is pope and there is nothing we can do about it. Of course we pray for the Pope and the Church or at least we should be but knowing the Spirit had his hand in Francis’ election we need to be careful in the things we say about him. We may disagree with him. We may be not be inspired by Francis but the respect should be there because he is the Vicar of Christ. When I say respect I’m not expecting any worshiping of the guy or even liking him.

    I suspect a lot of things he is supposed to have said is being screwed around with. Example: He is to have said “Who am I to judge” concerning a homosexual who truly seeks God. All of a sudden he is part of the Lavender Mafia, yet later in time he says that those men with homosexual tendencies should not pursue a vocation as a priest. Chaos. Utter chaos. Yes, he doesn’t help himself but I will bet may last dollar that the media is hip deep in this communication chaos and confusion. I have thought for a long long time that the false prophet spoken about in Revelation is the secular(demonic)media. I’m just saying we need to be careful for every word we utter will have to be answered to God.

  11. Yes I get you OC. He is Pope. It could be worse I guess. I sometimes think it’s the sign of the times. The media is diabolical- I think many people have caught on. Maybe the Pope needs to use Twitter and be more straightforward and solid in his message. I guess also St JP2 and Pope Benedict were hard acts to follow.

  12. My head hurts.

    The more verbiage deployed to avoid an unpleasant fact like Francis being a valid pope, tends to leave me very unconvinced. I see a lot of such efforts in my profession.

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