Telling Truth Out of Season

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News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


U.S.—Over the weekend, as pro-life film Unplanned enjoyed a strong debut at the box office, Twitter employees took action against the movie’s social media account for displaying “dangerous, potentially truth-telling content.”

The social media platform displayed a warning to anyone trying to view the movie’s Twitter account or read any of its tweets, cautioning users that the material was way outside the progressive worldview and simply told the truth about abortion and Planned Parenthood. Users then had to click a button and read a disclaimer that Twitter was not responsible for any truthful content encountered.

“This tweet may contain truthful material that goes against the progressive narrative,” the warning read. “Your settings are configured to warn you when content may shatter your echo chamber.”

When a user signs up for Twitter, his or her content settings are automatically configured not to display tweets from accounts that might tell the truth or shift one’s thinking away from the progressive narrative. Users can, of course, turn this setting off, but Twitter employees say they don’t recommend this kind of unsafe use of their platform.

Go here to read the rest.  I would like to personally thank Twitter for inadvertently giving Unplanned several million dollars of free advertising.  Hey ham-fisted Leftist censors, keep up the good work!


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One Comment

  1. When any segment of society purposefully chooses to dine on AlKan dog food regardless of economic conditions they, in time, abhor fair diets of fresh fruits, vegetables and the occasional steak.

    The left can’t help themselves.
    Truth, for them, is nothing more than a nebulous intangible. Sometimes seen, out of touch, and never completely in grasp. That’s how they like it. Vague and without structure.

    The movie is changing hearts already.

    Mel Gibson slammed a home run with Passion of the Christ a few years back.
    May Unplanned have a warm welcome to the hurt and lied too pink hatters that find in Abby a large part of themselves.

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