Creepy Uncle Joe

News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

NEW YORK, NY—L’Oréal USA announced in a press release Tuesday that the company is introducing “The Biden Collection” under its Garnier Fructis brand.

The shampoos and conditioners are said to give off that perfect hair scent that vice presidents simply can’t resist. From “Presidential Passion Fruit” and “Oval Office Orange” to “Creepy Cranberry” and “Too Close Tomato,” the line has scents to attract any kind of vice president.

Joe Biden himself was brought in as a consultant to help engineers craft the ideal scent. Biden smelled hundreds of flavors before personally selecting the ones used for the official product line.

“I stand by this product 100%,” he said. “I believe every woman in America deserves to have her hair good and sniffed. Don’t let boring, unscented shampoos rob you of the chance to have a creepy vice president come up to you and give your hair a good smelling.”

Go here to read the rest.  In real world two more women are coming forward to describe their encounters of an uncomfortable kind with “Bearhug” Biden:

Tuesday the NY Times published an article titled “Biden’s Tactile Politics Threaten His Return in the #MeToo Era.” The article opens with a summary of the story so far, but it also includes statements from two more women who say their encounters with Biden left them feeling uncomfortable.

Go here to read the rest.  Wait till some of the female Secret Service agents begin describing what it was like to guard Biden as he swam nude. 

Biden is now in the “dying the death of a thousand cuts” and will soon exit stage left.  Bernie Sanders I think benefits most from Biden’s political demise, and Biden’s campaign is blaming Sanders’ campaign.  Maybe, but only a complete narcissist like Biden could think that in the age of Me Too none of this was going to come out in a hotly contested Democrat primary.



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  1. It’s odd, but didn’t many of the same quarters blast Pence a couple years ago because of his refusal to be alone with women? Now they’re blasting Biden for being too up close and personal, even though he likely was just being Biden. It’s as if there is a microscopically thin line of perfection that will be tolerated. Even the slightest deviation either way will meet with instant condemnation and attack. I think we owe those old puritans I grew up hearing about an apology.

  2. Pence was attacked as a misogynist. One of the results of the Me Too movement is quite a few men in positions of power quietly adopting the Pence Policy, no doubt to the outrage of feminists down the road. In regard to Biden, it is interesting how long stories about him having Octopus Hands, as my bride would call it, have been in circulation. It was ignored because usually it was conservatives pointing it out. I don’t think we have seen the truly damning stuff yet.

  3. Biden being Biden
    When are we going to start holding them to their own standard instead of always agreeing that they should be held to ours? Or do we still pretend to believe that if we’re nice to them they’ll be nice to us?

  4. “Biden being Biden”

    If Kavanaugh had Biden’s history of groping women he would never have been confirmed. The only Republican who has survived this type of onslaught is Trump, who uses media attacks as springboards. However Trump, for good and ill, is sui generis.

  5. Trump survived because his moral failings were a known quality. Also because he wasn’t campaigning on a make America a bastion of moral rectitude again! theme.

  6. We need to always remember that the Left has always had an agenda behind everything they do. Pence? He was bad because he held these archaic notions about the relation of men to women and how in public they should present themselves. They attempted to portray him as a quaint by-product of times past and that it now borders on as DRM said misogyny.

    Biden? He is accused of the greatest sin:running for president as a Democrat without permission. He is not the one they want as a front runner so what do they do? Cut him off at the knees now before he ever gains momentum. Democrats are like hard drives, they hold on to stuff, mostly BAD stuff that others do just to bring them up at the most inopportune time and for their own convenience.

    Pence and Biden attacks were not random but calculated. Pence won, Biden never had a chance with the cannibals in his party.

  7. Ummmm…the secret service are there to protect ol’ Joe from violence, warranted or not. But yeah I agree…I’d even help her accomplish it.

  8. Biden released a video yesterday in which he said that he “gets it”; he has realized social mores have changed, and he will conduct himself differently though he believes as a politician the way to reach people is through contact. The setting for the video appeared to be in a home office and he was in his shirt sleeves to show that he’s still Lunch Bucket Joe.

  9. Nothing sickens me more than elite politicians who put on an act by trying to sound or look like they are ordinary people. When you have to ‘try’ to act like ordinary people, you ain’t.

    Obama’s constant use of “folks”, and “come to the White House for a beer”
    John(I was in Vietnam)Kerry: “Where do I get me one of them there huntin’ licenses?”
    Hillary’s “black speak”…I want to puke when I hear her talk like that…
    Shirt Sleeve Joe…
    Liarwatha swigging a beer at home? On camera? Really? Just like us?

  10. Yeah, that bugs me too. Compare and contrast with Theodore Roosevelt who would give speeches filled with literary and historical references. Of course when your real personality was as dynamic as his, you don’t have to pretend to be something you are not.

  11. Compare and contrast with Theodore Roosevelt who would give speeches filled with literary and historical references.

    He had tertiary schooling at a time when only a single-digit share of each cohort did. At that time, Harvard had entrance examinations in Greek (eliminated in 1897) and Latin (eliminated in 1916). Almost no one gets that kind of liberal education anymore.

  12. I recall reading a profile of Biden which offered the thesis that electoral politics distracted him from his real vocation: selling real estate. The author wasn’t kidding, interviewing people who said that Biden is voluble and perspicacious in sizing up a piece of property. His social background is common-and-garden middle class (with a twist), he’s from the part of the country which produced the generic newscaster accent, and it’s been known for some time that he had just enough intellect to pass the Delaware Bar exam but not any more than that. He actually is a regular person of a sort. (Though few regular people have a son as appalling as Hunter).

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