PopeWatch: Children of Abraham

Pope Francis wants us to have fraternity with Muslims:


Reflecting upon his recent apostolic journey to Morocco, Pope Francis said Wednesday that God desires a greater sense of fraternity among Catholics and Muslims as “brother children of Abraham.”“Some may ask, ‘But why does the pope visit the Muslims and not only the Catholics?’” Pope Francis said in St. Peter’s Square April 3.

“With Muslims, we are descendants of the same father, Abraham,” he said. “What God wants is fraternity between us in a special way,” he added, noting that this was the motive behind his travels.

Go here to read the rest.  To be fair to the Pope, this type of rubbish was being proclaimed in the Vatican long before he became Pope.  The Muslims can be called children of Abraham only if we allow them to claim that title due to the Koran, the book composed by Mohammed, and which contains an admixture of barely understood, by Mohammed, distorted Jewish and Christian history and teaching, combined with Arabic legends and traditional Arabian beliefs.  In that fabulist tome we encounter fun house figures of Abraham and other personages of the Old and New Testament, who bear little relationship to their historical counterparts as set forth in the Old and the New Testaments.  This would be similar to a Pope, in a nightmarish alternate reality where the Nazis kept power in Germany after World War II, and established a Nazi variant of Christianity, proclaiming centuries later that the Nazis were also “brother children” of Christ because of their belief in an Aryan Christ.  The Church has always opposed lying, and calling the Muslims children of Abraham is a whopper of the first magnitude.

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  1. This is what you get when you elect a Pope from South America who has zero understanding of Islam. Zero.

  2. This is what you get when a secret mob cartel pressures unceasingly for a holy pontiff to resign and, subsequently promotes an unqualified but politically correct socialist puppet as Vicar of Christ.

  3. In calling Abraham Father, Islam asserts that both Judaism and Christianity are false.
    Not one but Both.

    Therefore when we say that Islam is the third abrahamic religion, we assert-
    Oh, never mind, this pope is not worth the ink or electrons it takes.
    Yes papa loco 2+2 is 5.

  4. Pope Benedict said the Prophet Muhammad had only brought the world things that were “evil and inhumane” until they firebombed Churches on the West Bank and pressured him to call Islam “peaceful and affectionate”. *cough*. Islam’s reaction to criticism is grenades and bombs. You see, they can’t fight words with words; it has to be extreme violence. Always on the defence in case they actually think about and question exactly what they believe in. Free will and reason is nil.

  5. Yep, and as Pope Benedict noted he was merely quoting a Byzantine Emperor in the midst of a larger discussion. That particular debacle showed the true state of the relations between Islam and the Church.

  6. One of the saddest aspects of the Left’s irrational love affair with Islam is that these useful idiots will be among the first to be lined up and beheaded when the Jihad reaches them. If the current Italian administration fails in its efforts to stem the Muslim invasion, Papa Bergoglio May even be one of the earliest examples. I pray this does not occur, of course, but I fear it is not at all unlikely.

  7. The “children of Abraham” thing doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the “God wants” thing.

  8. I suppose one might remind him that Cain was also a child of Adam and Eve, as if genealogy gets you a free pass into heaven.

  9. Matthew 3:9
    “And do not think you can say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham.

  10. This is what you get with a Pope who has lost his faith, is not a Catholic, sees religion in political terms, and is all about establishing a One World Religion.

  11. The Talmud, too, asserts that the Qaydarites, a nomadic people of Arabia, are descended from the second sin of Ishmael (cf 1 Chron 1:29)

    So the genealogy is not as fanciful as it sounds.

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