Western Civilization

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Cardinal:  But, may I suggest,
in the manner of the Greeks.
Michelangelo:  No, in my own manner!
Cardinal:  True, no modern artist can
hope to equal the Greeks!
Michelangelo:  Why not? Why shouldn’t we equal
them? Surpass them, if we can.
Cardinal:  Really, Master Buonarroti,
I had heard you lacked modesty…
but do you claim to be
greater then the Greeks?
Michelangelo:  – I claim to be different.
Cardinal:  – For the sake of difference?
Michelangelo:  Because I am different.
I’m a Florentine and a Christian…
painting in this century. They were
Greeks and pagans living in theirs.
Cardinal:  Pagans? Christians? An artist
should be above such distinction.
Michelangelo:  And a cardinal, especially one who
pretends to understand art…
should be above such foolishness.
I’ll tell you what stands
between us and the Greeks.
Two thousand years of human
suffering stands between us!
Christ on His Cross
stands between us.

Screenplay, The Agony and the Ecstasy


The Jews and the Greeks brought a constellation of ideas into being that were amplified by the Romans, producing unique cultures in Western Europe that gave birth to a civilization known as the West, a daring, ever questing civilization that is perpetually seeking to surpass itself, and which has proven simultaneously attractive and repellent to the other civilizations that inhabit the globe.  Compared to the West, most other civilizations are static and seek only to replicate themselves across time and space.  The West is different, and everyone knows it, whether they love it or hate it.


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  1. In Northern Michigan they are in formal negotiations in formulating the “approved” social studies for public schools. This disaster on wheels will undoubtedly lead the way for an increase in homeschooling. Revisionist love to color the world in deep shades of grey.
    Calling heroes villains and patriots war mongers.

    I pray our parochial schools will not follow the skunk home.

  2. Funny you should post this, Don, when just here recently I’ve been some sections of the web get all consternated over this video. And I’m not even talking about the left.

    Also thanks for the movie reference. I’ll add it to my watch list.

    “I pray our parochial schools will not follow the skunk home.”
    LOL pure poetry
    “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God”, ” and for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” The Declaration of Independence.
    Our Founding Fathers had each and every state and every citizen in every state by representation, ratify our Founding Principles “to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our (constitutional) Posterity.
    Only be destroying our families, the first community of love, can the barbarians destroy our ratified Founding Principles and our civilization. Men, body and soul will become beasts of burden to the state; the state not instituted by the sovereign personhood of man.
    “The rights the state gives the state can take away” Thomas Jefferson. Only an infinite God can endow infinite and unalienable human rights, innately infused into man’s rational soul.
    The atheist refuses to admit to his free will, intellect and rational soul, even while exercising these infused gifts. “Reality is the mind embracing the truth” Thomas Aquinas

  4. “The Jews and the Greeks brought a constellation of ideas into being that were amplified by the Romans, producing unique cultures in Western Europe that gave birth to a civilization known as the West.”

    I would suggest the Romans made their own unique contribution. I suggest Harold Nicholson was right in his assessment: “The Roman cult of dignity may to us seem ponderous, even as their enjoyments were obscene. Yet their genius for equity and order has left its impress upon their former subjects, and those countries and areas which never experienced Roman conquest and administration have never since succeeded in becoming wholly European. There was much in the Roman type of civility that was clumsy and gross: yet they left behind them a lapidary respect for law, contract, and faithfulness.” There is no higher tribute to that genius than the reception of the Roman law (via modern civil codes) by societies as alien as Turkey and Japan.

    Nicholson is equally happy in his description of the Greek contribution: “The Greek ideal of the beautiful and the good, although it was realised for no more than eighty short years, has left behind it an imperishable memory. We may deplore their indifference to suffering and untruthfulness, yet it was they who discovered and bequeathed the bliss of abstract speculation and aesthetic delight. The treacheries and tragedies that marred the dominance of Athens are to our minds barbaric. Yet still she shines for us, violet-crowned and unblemished, serene and formidable, across two thousand years of fog and strife.” The truth of these remarks is demonstrated by the fact that I, an outer barbarian, cannot read this description without recalling Pindar’s lines

    “Ω ται λιπαραί και ιοστέφανοι και
    αοίδιμοι, Ελλάδος έρεισμα, κλειναί,
    Αθήναι, δαιμόνιον πτολίεθρον !”

    O glistening and violet-crowned and famous in song
    Bulwark of Hellas, glorious Athens
    Fortunate city.

  5. Daily Democrats are finding ways to deny and overturn Western civilization aided and abetted by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church which appears to be now in the hands of the devil.

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