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When it comes to the current gang at the Vatican we can only trust that they will attempt to deceive, in big ways and in small:


Italian media have raised an alarm over attempts by the Vatican communications office to censor Pope Francis’ words in an apparent effort to make them more palatable to a global audience.

The latest casualty of the Vatican’s editorial clean-up crew was the pope’s address last weekend to students and teachers from the San Carlo Institute in Milan, in which the pontiff often went off-script to add spontaneous and occasionally colorful commentary.

A comparison between the official Vatican transcript of the address and the video of the actual event reveals not only ordinary grammatical tweaks to correct the pope’s Italian, but the expurgation of entire expressions or phrases deemed potentially problematic. It is unclear whether the censorship has taken place with the pope’s knowledge and approval or without it.

As Breitbart News reported Monday, one important discrepancy between the two texts came when the pope “named names” of those he blames for wars in Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan. During the meeting, the pope exclaimed with voice rising in anger that these wars have taken place because “rich Europe and America sell weapons to kill children and kill people.”

Curiously, the pope’s explicit mention of Europe and the United States was lifted from the transcript of Saturday’s address, and the pope’s censors replaced his provocative words with a gentler substitute.

“But why do they wage such a cruel war? Because other countries sell them arms, with which they kill children and people,” the redacted text reads (emphasis added).

The attentive folks at caffestoria.it discovered the doctoring of another controversial expression during the same speech in reference to migrants and mafias.

“People say they are delinquents,” the pope told his audience. “But we have our own share of delinquents here as well. It was not the Nigerians who invented the mafia. It is a national ‘treasure,’ the mafia is ours, ‘made in Italy,’ it’s ours. And all of us have the possibility of becoming delinquents.”

The pontiff’s words, meant as a rebuttal to those who have underscored the growth of a dangerous Nigerian mafia in Italy, were completely removed from the official transcript of his address offered by the Vatican, as if the pope had never said them.

Go here to Breitbart to read the rest.  It was that bold, bad man, Oliver Cromwell, who may have said to a painter, “Paint me as I am, warts and all.”, or words to that effect.Obviously that rule does not apply at the Vatican currently.

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  1. America sells weapons to kill children? I would say that his calumny knows no bounds, except he also appears to cover for the Nigerian mafia. Clearly then, the Vatican office changed his words to cover for his lunacy.

  2. I was going to respond to this article but I’m having a lot of trouble of responding in a charitable way. I will only say this, I will continue to pray for our Pope and our Church

  3. My reaction to this revelation is found in a recent Gospel reading: love those that hate you; pray for those that curse you.

  4. Ok he really is not suited for public speaking in the traditional sense. He isn’t academic and a thinker like his predecessors were, and he chooses his words poorly. They’re pedestrian. And he isn’t diplomatic towards the western nations. These things don’t bother me as much as the fact I don’t feel inspired or spiritual motivated by the Popes words. The Pope is saying what most of the media is saying these days. And what most of the media is saying just lacks substance. He doesn’t feel or think deeply. (Sorry if I’m coming across as abit “hippie”). Just trying to work out where he is coming from and what his legacy is.

  5. If the Pope wants to opine about welcoming Nigerian mafiosi (just doing the jobs Sicilians won’t do I guess) or share how everything he knows about conflicts in failed 3rd world hellholes he learned from watching Iron Man and maybe Lord of War, I say more power to him.

    Because then at least he isn’t spouting off about anything important, like Communion for the divorced & remarried, or how God made homosexuals that way, or God Will’s religious pluralism.

  6. “Because then at least he isn’t spouting off about anything important, like Communion for the divorced & remarried, or how God made homosexuals that way, or God Will’s religious pluralism.”
    In marriage two become one.
    “God made homosexuals that way”. God did not give them permission to commit sodomy nor to oppress and blame others for their lives. Ingrates.
    “Religious pluralism” There is as many religions as there are men. Religion is man’s relationship with God, individual, loving and saving. There is only One Supreme Sovereign Being as two would pre-empt each other and make them finite.

  7. If the Pope wants to opine about welcoming Nigerian mafiosi (just doing the jobs Sicilians won’t do I guess) LOL!
    New twist on the old open (illegal) immigration saw.

  8. If you removed the whataboutism, strawmen, illogic, cliches and insults from his social observations, he’d have nothing to say.

  9. It not geriatric dementia. Its the rage accompanying protracted adolescence. In any event, the individual is unhinged and has been for a long time. Bitter, bitter, bitter. Absolute power has only aggravated the problem. And it is a BIG problem. He needs to go away for his own good and the good of the Church.

  10. One can only hope that, at the next conclave, the cardinal electors are mostly concerned with capability and some administrative skill, and not electing a man who has an unhinged view of the world.

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