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I was going to do a post on Judge Carlton Reeves, but Streiff at Red State has beaten me to the punch:

The speaker is Judge Carlton Reeve, he’s an Obama appointee to the federal district court for the Southern District of Mississippi. He’s accepting the Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal at the University of Virginia Law School. The title of his speech is OrangeManBad…just joking, but it might as well have been.

When politicians attack courts as “dangerous,”83 “political,”84 and guilty of “egregious overreach,”85 you can hear the Klan’s lawyers, assailing officers of the court across the South. When leaders chastise people for merely “us[ing] the courts,”86 you can hear the Citizens Council, hammering up the names of black petitioners in Yazoo City. When the powerful accuse courts of “open[ing] up our country to potential terrorists,”87 you can hear the Southern Manifesto’s authors, smearing the judiciary for simply upholding the rights of black folk. When lawmakers say “we should get rid of judges,”88 you can hear segregationist Senators, writing bills to strip courts of their power. And when the Executive Branch calls our courts and their work “stupid,”89 “horrible,”90 “ridiculous,”91 “incompetent,”92 “a laughingstock,”93 and a “complete and total disgrace,”94 you can hear the slurs and threats of executives like George Wallace, echoing into the present.

This attack is heard loudest in the slander of Judge Curiel. But it will be felt through this Administration’s judicial nominations, especially those confirmed with the advice and consent of the Senate. Of the Article III judges confirmed under the current Administration, 90% have been white.100 Just one of those judges is black.101 Just two are Hispanic. It’s not just about racial diversity. Barely 25% of this Administration’s confirmed judges are women.102 None have been black or Latina.103 Achieving complete gender equality on the federal bench would require us to confirm only 23 women a year.104 How hard could that be? I suspect Deans Goluboff and Kendrick would say, “not very hard.

This Administration and a bare majority of the Senate, walking arm-and-arm, are not stumbling unaware towards a homogeneous judiciary. Think of the slurs against Judge Curiel. Think of the
nominations to the bench of those who call diversity “code for relaxed standards,” 113 who call transgender children part of “Satan’s plan,” 114 who defend the KKK in online message boards,115 who led voter suppression efforts for segregationists like Jesse Helms. 116 Think of the pattern of judicial nominees refusing to admit, like generations of nominees before them have, that Brown v. Board was correctly decided.117 That same Brown which led to Alexander v. Holmes County, which breathed justice into the segregated streets of my Yazoo City. As if equality was a mere political position.

Read the whole thing.

Those numbers are footnotes and most of them refer to tweets or statements by President Trump.

This entire argument is bullsh**. The reason the courts have come under attack is because courts have injected themselves into policy disputes. Judges have decided that they are unaccountable masters of a servile population not the inferior of the three branches of government (if you think I’m kidding, read the sad history of Missouri vs Jenkins), the only branch of the government that the Founders delegated to the Executive and the Congress to select and remove. The Judiciary is in Article 3 to the Constitution for a reason, not because the Founders were dyslexic or innumerate. The idea that the judiciary should be some kind of a spoils system doled out, not on merit, but on race, ethnicity, sexual perversion, or any other factor someone dreams up is just bizarre. How, exactly, does having a judge raised on food stamps improve the quality of justice for everyone? Or is xe only hear cases from food stamp recipients? In the two years Donald Trump has been president, his administration has been subject to a concentrated form of lawfare where hostile judges don’t rule on the law, they rule on their political beliefs and what they think is the correct policy. Look at the history of the so-called “travel ban” if you want examples of this partisan guerrilla war being carried out against the administration. Or the absurd notion that a mere memorandum written by an Obama cabinet official is the law of the land (that would be DACA).

What is Reeves claim to fame? He voted to strike down DOMA (which, by any standard was judicial overreach). He struck down a 15-week abortion law. In fact, he took the occasion of that decision to opine that the pro-life movement was just like the Klan (this guy’s use of Klan references are as frequent and inane as Walter Sobchak’s Vietnam references) and that men–that would be “citizens” to you and me–had no business legislating on the issue of child murder (see Federal Judge Says Pro-Lifers Are Like The Klan And Men Should Have No Voice On Abortion). He’s also opposed to religious freedom unless you agree to bake that f***ing cake but, in his speech, he says that unless you have Muslims on the federal bench (how they get there without a religious test is somewhat unclear to me) you can’t have religious freedom.

Go here to read the rest.  The Left has weaponized the Federal judiciary for decades and are now shocked, shocked that conservatives support Trump to redress the balance.  Of course, Judges like Carlton Reeves discredit respect for the courts by acting like partisan hacks.  That he is celebrated by the same people who are outraged by Trump tweets demonstrates that for the contemporary Left, hypocrisy is a way of life.


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  1. Ex malo bonum. The idiots’ and anal intercourse aficionados’ nutty rulings, e.g., bankrupting Christian bakers for not baking for two sodomy activists’ “wedding,” helped elect Donald J. Trump.

    They’re America-hating looters and pillagers wearing black robes.

    You call it “hypocrisy,” I call it “judicial totalitarianism,” tinged with astonishing dishonesty and stupidity.

  2. Justice is blind to color, gender, race, religion, and country of birth or ethnicity.
    Citizenship as good will for the common good is blind to all except love of neighbor which is a virtue subject to the free will of the individual practicing this virtue.
    Justices and judges as the personification of the perfect Justice of almighty God cannot be demagogues and practice demagoguery. Demagoguery violates every principle of “men created equal”.
    Any individual so divided in his patriotism as to practice demagoguery instead of equal Justice has exiled himself from the realm of the virtue of Justice to the realm of the vices of bigotry, partisanship and hypocrisy.
    Officials who refuse to serve the constituents according to the Founding Principles have already excommunicated themselves from a free society. Deposition only remains to be formalized.

  3. Yes, the left are so hypocritucal whilst incessantly virtue signalling. That’s why you have the likes of Ruth Ginsburg who is the face, the pin-up girl for the anti-trump movement. So much for Supreme Court judges being neutral. This is what happens when you don’t have a limit-of-stay for Supeeme court judges- they become perpetual pests and somehow think they are above the law themselves. This Reeves probably thinks he has won the lifetime lottery gaining his position.

    You start appointing Muslims, gays, khazakstanis, vegans, pet-owners and whoever just to be inclusive, you do a grave disservice to the nation because you aren’t appointing based on merit, intelligence, ability or respect for the law. Madness.

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