The C Word


News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

U.S.—In order to show respect for the victims of the horrific attacks in Sri Lanka over the weekend, several top Democrats have vowed not to mention their religion at all.

“The best way we can show reverence for these victims,” former president Barack Obama said, “is to be very careful not to mention that they were Ch—I mean, not to mention their religion. Oops, almost used the C-word there.”

“If we need to construct strained descriptors for them, that’s what we’ll do,” he added solemnly. “We’ll make up contrived terms like ‘Easter worshipers’ and make sure that all our fellow Democrats follow these protocols.”

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton agreed, pointing out that it would simply be disrespectful to point out that these Christians were being targeted for their faith.

“Christians being persecuted doesn’t fit in with our narrative. Therefore, it would be inappropriate for us to label them what they were. Instead, we’ll make up really odd-sounding phrases and do verbal backflips to avoid saying the name of their religion.”

Go here to read the rest.  In lunatic times, it is hard for satirists to keep up.

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  1. This may be comical if it weren’t so close to the truth. Sometimes I wish God could send down his hand of justice and end this mockery. Those poor innocent and defenceless Christians of Sri Lanka. Our religion is the only religion of peace. God Bless our religion. We as the Faithful need to shout this from the rooftops. Because our Pope has betrayed us.

  2. We are 19 months away from the next round of Liberty or Enslavement. Will the “C” camp rally behind the orange bulldog or will the lunatic revolution reek havoc on America? The killing of Christians on our own soil wouldn’t be a tragedy in the eyes of Democrats. It would be a blessing. Just as they see abortion as a blessing from God.

    19 months. God help us.

  3. Seen on Facebook. “To sum up the media coverage (and Democrat response) to the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka: ‘Some people they won’t identify (Islamists) did something (killed them) to some other people they won’t identify (Christians) for reasons they can’t explain (Islamic terrorism).’ Got it?”

    Now, the licensed liars are screeching that “they” were justified because NZ mosque shootings and Donald Trump!

    President Trump needs to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Barack Hussein Obama’s and Crooked Hillary’s collusion with, and material support for, Islamic terrorists. There’s far more evidence than Russia collusion.

  4. Philip,

    If, God forbid, 2020 goes the wrong way the hate-filled lunatics will learn the meaning of the word, “resist.”

  5. Besides, we all know that the real victims here are those Muslims made to feel self-conscious because of their understandable and fully justified fear of right-wing extremists giving them the side-eye (and perhaps even the raised eyebrow) because somebody did something.

  6. Tom D and MDV…
    Hillary’s communications with her God is nothing short of Baal worship.
    In the Baltimore Catechism, if I remember correctly, praying for the death of an unrepentant sinner is not frowned upon…not disingenuous.
    Please correct my memory if you wish.

    T. Shaw…..
    Lock and load to protect my family from the new generations of National Socialists. They will not take my freedoms without a fight.
    Resist indeed!

  7. I can understand Hildebeast and Obama refusing to use the “C” word – it would likely cause them to erupt into violent convulsions.

  8. T. Shaw said it best: “Some people they won’t identify (Islamists) did something (killed them) to some other people they won’t identify (Christians) for reasons they can’t explain (Islamic terrorism).’ Got it?”

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