PopeWatch: Papists


From Catholic comedian Jeremy McLellan.

Funny, but with our current Pope, PopeWatch suspects that Hillary wishes that Catholics were more papist, her understanding of that term being the usual Protestant misunderstanding of “slavish devotion” to the Pope as characterizing faithful Catholics, whereas upholding Catholic orthodoxy is the true hallmark of faithful Catholics.

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  1. Dear Hillary, the deplorable’s in Rhode Island don’t care much for mackerel, we’re squidders and May is Calamari time!
    Can’t say I follow the present pope, I don’t want to lose my faith.

  2. Her lust for power to this degree is frightening. She can no longer think as a normal human being for her obsession with power and money. She will say and do anything for it.

  3. That’s been true and obvious ever since the Clintons first appeared on the national scene. The American Spectator didn’t call her the “Lady Macbeth of Little Rock” for nothing.

  4. With our new Attorney General starting new investigations, one would think that the Clinton’s, especially Hillary, would become low profile. Also Brennan and Comey and the rest of the smug lawbreakers at the FBI. Lots of rumors swirling around. To the Dems: Be careful what you wish for.

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